Veronica Morales to represent Venezuela at Miss Grand International 2020?

15 May 2020 | Camilla Suarez

The 8th edition of the Miss Grand International i.e., Miss Grand International 2020 was scheduled to be held in the month of October 2020 in the city of Caracas, Venezuela. The delegates from all over the world will compete for the title. At the end of the event, Miss Grand International in 2019 Valentina Figuera from Venezuela, will crown her successor. But due to the pandemic the Miss Grand International Organization has decided to postpone the pageant to early 2021. There hasn’t been any official announcement regarding the pageant’s postponing to 2021 so the confirmation is still awaiting.

Since there is no specific date or venue stating that whether the beauty pageants will be held or not to crown the representative for the pageant, Veronica Morales seems like a potential delegate to represent Venezuela at Miss Grand International 2020 stage. She is passionate about beauty pageants and desires to represent Venezuela at international pageant.



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Veronica is a potential candidate to represent Venezuela at Miss Grand International 2020 as she works as a professional model and a TV host. She is also a fashion designer which is why she is experimental with her fashion styling. She has walked on-stage for many designers and brands which has given her experience as well as knowledge about beauty pageants. She is quick to learn skills and abilities to finesse her performance. She is very comfortable on-stage which is an advantage to her performance if she gets appointed by the organization.

The diva is very close to her culture, values, and traditions and feels excited to be a part of Miss Grand International 2020. She strongly feels that if she gets appointed, she will perform her best at the competition and make people of Venezuela and her family proud. Since she is a TV host and a professional model, she tries to be healthy and fit all the time. She makes sure she can work out or practice yoga every day. She feels blessed for the opportunities that she has received till now and works very hard to get them perfect. She expresses her emotions to her friends and family who have always believed in her and have felt that she has what it needs to be a beauty queen.



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Veronica is very confident, determined and dedicated towards what she does. She is an avid speaker for women empowerment and usually uses her social media account to encourage women to take a stand for their dreams and goals. She mentioned, “You must be strong when you are weak, courageous when you are afraid and humble when you have succeeded.” She has a very charming and positive personality and she is very friendly with everyone which makes her one of the favorites. The diva has beautiful features which can capture anyone’s attention. She is very persuasive in terms of expressing her thoughts and views and would use this skill as an advantage during the competition to win the title. If she gets appointed by the Miss Venezuela organization to represent Venezuela at Miss Grand International 2020, she can be a tough competition.