Miss Peru 2021 Top 3 Hot Picks

08 Oct 2021 | Angelique Reyes

The Miss Peru organization is all set to host the 69th edition of the Miss Peru pageant, i.e., Miss Peru 2021 on 10th October 2021 in Lima, Peru, where reigning queen, Miss Universe Peru 2020 Janick Maceta of USA Perú will crown her successor at the end of the event.

As this year’s batch boasts of gorgeous, talented and determined delegates, the organization has shortlisted Top 6 finalists after the preliminary activities held in Swimsuit and Evening Dress. Some delegates out of the batch have been outshining as strong contenders for the title, making it to our favourites for this edition.

So, without any further ado, here are our Top 3 hot picks for Miss Peru 2021 –

Camila Escribens

23 year-old Peruvian-American diva, Camila considers herself a fighter, strong and enterprising woman, a model since she was 15 years old and currently works for the Elite Miami modeling agency. She comes from a family of immigrants who taught her to work from a very young age, she studied Business because soon she will open her own Peruvian food restaurant in Miami. Her goal is to open a chain of restaurants to provide work for many Peruvian and Latino people who come with the American dream because she knows how hard it is to start a life in a country that is not his own.

She is fond of sports, which forged her discipline of life, but for health reasons she could not continue with her dreams in athletics. At the age of 16, they detected 3 malformed arteries in his brain and she had to receive radiation treatments and oxygenations, which is why she knows that life is a constant struggle and that it depends on one to get ahead.



Maryori Moran

20 years-old Maryori was born and lives in the district of Villa María del Triunfo and is currently studying Architecture. She defines herself as a constant, optimistic and fighter woman. From her childhood she suffered from discrimination which she considers made her stronger and she was able to turn her insecurities into strengths. She wants her life story to inspire many young women who go through the same day to day and together to build a society that focuses on effort as well as union to get ahead.

Maryori seeks to end stereotypes and for people to be seen by more than their skin color, the place they come from or their economic situation. She seeks that each person fends for themselves based on their aspirations, perseverance but above all the human quality that characterizes them.



Yely Rivera

Yely Rivera is an independent woman since she was 16 years old. Currently working as a manager in a company dedicated to personal and professional development and growth as she has always liked to work for her dreams and never give up. From a very young age, she understood that her life purpose was to help others, she wants to continue working for and for her country.

She seeks to create an NGO that helps children and adolescents to develop personally and professionally, so that they free themselves from all the negative experiences of the past and can be successful people. She would like to teach them what she would have liked to be taught as a child, so as not to carry that heavy baggage from the past.

Last year, Janick Maceta won the Miss Peru 2020 crown and placed 2nd runner-up at Miss Universe 2020, with a stellar performance and making her country proud. Now, these 6 qualified finalists will be compete for the opportunity to represent Peru at the 70th Miss Universe pageant.