Miss Polonia 2019 Meet the Contestants

15 Oct 2019 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Polonia 2019 is all set to crown its representatives to Miss World 2020, Miss Grand International 2020 and Miss Intercontinental 2020 as the delegates have been revealed to compete for the respective titles.

This year’s batch boasts of gorgeous and stunning beauties who have shown tremendous potential and will definitely give a strong competition to each other at the contest. So, without further ado, here are the twenty ladies competing for Miss Polonia 2019 –



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KlaudiaKroczek (Age: 22 Years, Height: 165 cm)

Jesika Kubiak (Age: 21 Years, Height: 170 cm)

Milena Bilska (Age: 20 Years, Height: 171 cm)

Karina Tryba (Age: 21 Years, Height: 171 cm)

Patrycja Brudkiewicz (Age: 24 Years, Height: 173 cm)



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Izabela Depta (Age: 25 Years, Height: 173 cm)

Kinga Sek (Age: 23 Years, Height: 174 cm)

Dominika Lamauskaité (Age: 19 Years, Height: 175 cm)

Justyna Marczewska (Age: 23 Years, Height: 175 cm)

Aleksandra Kielan (Age: 21 Years, Height: 176 cm)



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Kinga Zabielska (Age: 21 Years, Height: 176 cm)

Kamila Wasilewska (Age: 24 Years, Height: 178 cm)

Patrycja Golda (Age: 21 Years, Height: 178 cm)

Marcelina Urbanska (Age: 19 Years, Height: 178 cm)

Karolina Bielawska (Age: 20 Years, Height: 179 cm)




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Beata Sierpinska (Age: 25 Years, Height: 179 cm)

Aleksandra Gronowska (Age: 24 Years, Height: 180 cm)

Milena Jaworska (Age: 22 Years, Height: 180 cm)

Karina Nowak (Age: 22 Years, Height: 182 cm)

Iwetta Baran (Age: 25 Years, Height: 183 cm)

In 2018, Milena Sadowska was crowned Miss Polonia 2018 as she became the official representative of Poland in Miss World 2019. Poland has won just one Miss World crown till now.