Miss Russia 2016 Fifty Shades of Beauty and Glamour

05 Apr 2016 | Angelopedia

The 2016 edition of Miss Russia pageant, that will pave way for a Russian delegate to Miss World as well as Miss Universe, is on its road to the finale. This edition comes with yet another stunning batch of 50 delegates, who will battle out the chase towards the coveted crown of Miss Russia 2016.

The quest for the next Miss Russia is under full swing and the finale will be held in the Concert Hall Barvikha Luxury Village in Moscow on 16 April 2016. The judges are going to have a hard time coming out with a clear verdict as all the fifty ladies are near perfection and are drop dead gorgeous. Watching the Miss Russia pageant every year is delight to the eyes!! The organisation brings out the best of the Russian beauties and presents them to the audience as Miss Russia contestants.

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With 50 most beautiful girls of Russia competing to win the prestigious crown of Miss Russia 2016, the competition is going to be one exciting event to look out for. The 50 scintillating delegates of Miss Russia 2016 are –

Alexandra Pavlova

Ekaterina Khachirova

Polina Tensina

Anna Dmitrenko

Talia Aybedullina

Daria Kurdyukova

Albina Ildarova

Anastasia Voynova

Maria Antonets

Nazima Goova

Valeria Shakhovtseva

Gulnur Zinnatova

Ekaterina Dorozhko

Evgeniya Nikolayevskaya

Inna Bychkova

Anastasia Samkova

Elena Belkova

Yulia Khoroshavina

Yana Dobrovolskaya

Anastasia Kalinina

Elizaveta Goryunova

Vladislava Kruzhkova

Violetta Petrovskaya

Galina Solovyeva

Anna Serebrennikova

Anastasia Lyakhova

Valeria Kashintseva

Daria Pershina

Ekaterina Luganskaya

Sofia Mustafina

Valeria Deryagina

Ekaterina Tsybrina

Anna Sarycheva

Anastasia Polkhova

Tatyana Kizimova

Anastasia Khizhnyak

Alina Goncharova

Dilyara Yalaltynova

Yulia Belyakova

Angelina Samokhina

Irina Zhdanova

Elizaveta Glod Sokolova

Marina Solodova

Maria Kolesnik

Alina Toroschina

Yuliana Korolkova

Anastasia Simbirtseva

Kristiana Koroleva

Valentina Bardina

Regina Skoroletova


Miss Russia 2016 Fifty Shades of Beauty and Glamour


Miss Russia beauty pageant is a highly esteemed beauty pageant in Russia. It allows the winners to express their views on various topics in media interviews, provide opportunities for cultural enrichment, and enables them to become a role model for all generations.

Russia made an emphatic debut at the Miss World pageant in the year 1992, as Miss Russia 1992 Julia Kourotchkina was crowned Miss World 1992. The reigning Miss Russia is Sofia Nikitchuk who represented Russia at the Miss World 2015 pageant. Sofia was titled as the first runner-up at Miss World 2015. Who do you think will be crowned Miss Russia 2016 this year? Do you have a favourite already? Let us know your Top 5 favourites of Miss Russia 2016 here...

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