Miss Scotland 2018 finalist Rosalind Main

08 May 2018 | Angelique Reyes

Miss Scotland 2018 is in full swing with its contestants being recently revealed. The coronation night of the competition will be held on June 15th at the Corinthian Club in Glasgow, where Miss Scotland 2017 Romy McCahill will crown her successor.

Jennifer Reoch will once again be hosting Miss Scotland 2018 final, and Emily Middlemas will also repeat history by performing at the coronation night. The finalists just met as they took part in a special photo shoot for Edinburghshire Magazine.

However, it remains very important for the audiences to know the finalists before they can choose their favourites, and the Miss Scotland organization is helping us with it. They have revealed information about the finalists that you might find quite enticing.


Miss Scotland 2018 finalist Rosalind Main

(Photo Credits: Rosalind Main Instagram Official)

So let’s find out more about Rosalind Main from Edinburgh, without further ado.

Rosalind's charity of choice is The Butterfly Trust. A charity based in Scotland aimed to help those suffering from cystic fibrosis. Cystic fibrosis is a genetic condition that affects the lungs and results in long-term breathing problems and frequent infections.

Rosalind has chosen this charity because one of her closest friends has the condition. Although he makes regular visits to the hospital to treat his condition he is one of the most inspiring people Rosalind knows, having gone to university to study drama and performance. He literally looks his condition in the eye with a sense of utter bravery and the ambition to achieve his goals which is something Rosalind admires.

Rosalind has been keeping regular contact with the Butterfly Trust since February having visited their head office, helped at bag packing workshops and will be attending their big annual charity ball in a couple weeks time!

She plans to raise awareness and money for the charity by hosting an event next month with music and lots of fun activities! As well as continuing with fitness and bag packing.

Rosalind has done some truly phenomenal work and seems to have genuinely great ideas for the future. Will Rosalind be becoming your favourite Miss Scotland 2018 finalists soon?