Miss Scuba Philippines 2018 Top 8 Hot Picks by Angelopedia

03 Oct 2018 | Angelique Reyes

The grand finale of Miss Scuba Philippines 2018 will be held on 3rd October 2018 at City of Dreams, Manila where sixteen beautiful Filipinas will compete for the national title. The winner will then the opportunity to represent the Philippines in the upcoming Miss Scuba Philippines 2018.

The winner will be crowned by Miss Scuba Philippines 2017 Sherlyn Legaspi Doloriel. Sherlyn represented the Philippines in Miss Scuba International 2017. She was placed in the Top 5 in the finale and also won the title of Miss Photogenic.

Before the finale, Angelopedia has selected its Top 8 favourite contestants who are most likely to win the contest and make the Philippines proud in the international pageant. The Top 8 contestants are –

Shaira Rona



Miss Scuba Philippines 2018 Top 8 Hot Picks by Angelopedia


Shaira is representing Mandaluyong City. She is a graduate in Human Resource Development Management with Latin honor and is also a human resource officer volunteer in a non-profit organization who aims to promote sustainable tourism in Philippines.

Personally, Shaira wants to limit the use of plastic use as it contaminates the oceans. She is particularly concerned about the increase of micro plastics levels in the ocean which endangers the corals and also is consumed by the marine life.


Lyra Abutin


Miss Scuba Philippines 2018 Top 8 Hot Picks by Angelopedia


Lyra is from San Pedro, Laguna who wants to gain more knowledge and experience new things to become a better teacher and environmentalist. In future she desires to become an educator.

Lyra wants to educate more and more people about the current condition of the oceans. She wants to find ways to reduce acidification of the ocean as it immensely affects the reproduction and physiology of the marine ecosystem. She wants to influence her community to bring about positive changes.


Jane Darren Genobisa


Miss Scuba Philippines 2018 Top 8 Hot Picks by Angelopedia


Jane is representing Davao City and had been dedicated to help the less fortunate and children since the past seven years. She believes in creating awareness to create a difference and wants to educate people through seminars and symposiums.

Jane wants to become an ambassadress to bring about change and to help preserve and protect the water bodies that are essential for survival.


Aliyana Ibnohajil



Miss Scuba Philippines 2018 Top 8 Hot Picks by Angelopedia


Aliyana is representing Laguna. She is a graduate in Multimedia Design from St. Scholastica’s College in Manilla. Aliyana is professionally a freelance wedding planner and a graphic designer. Her father is Muslim and her mother is a Catholic.

Aliyana is advocating for improvement in waste management and the reduction of single-use plastic. She wants to educate the communities by engaging and empowering them and involving the local government units as she believes that only by coming together can they bring about a big wave of change.


Tricia Javier


Miss Scuba Philippines 2018 Top 8 Hot Picks by Angelopedia


Tricia is representing Las Pinas City. She is currently a student at Olivarez College where she is studying Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management. She wants to speak up about the conservation and protection of marine life.

­­­­Tricia wants to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the oceans to protect the future. She wishes to speak about the issues of wildlife extinction and destruction of marine habitats and shift focus towards the importance of a balanced ecosystem.


Micren Jewel Andres


Miss Scuba Philippines 2018 Top 8 Hot Picks by Angelopedia


Micren is from Lipa City, Batangas and is a highly intelligent and academically qualified graduate with a summa-cum-laude in Accountancy from De La Salle Lipa. She also holds an International Audit license of Certified Internal Auditor.

Micren wants to promote as well as protect the precious islands that are untouched and unspoiled in the Philippines. As an auditor she is used to travelling which gave her the chance to see the raw beauty of her country and thus inspired her advocacy “Oplan Pearlas” through which she is going to proudly present as well as preserve the islands.


Sherryn Mercado


Miss Scuba Philippines 2018 Top 8 Hot Picks by Angelopedia


Sherryn is representing Tanauan City, Batangas. She loves travelling and exploring new things. Sherryn is also very passionate about cooking and baking and owns a small business where she sells her produce online.

Sherryn wants to educate both the local communities as well as the tourists who visit her country on how to properly manage waste and how to interact with the marine habitat underwater. She believes that a lifeless marine life is a loss for all and thus wants to show love to the oceans which she calls home, by protecting it.


Mie Otani


Miss Scuba Philippines 2018 Top 8 Hot Picks by Angelopedia

(Photo Credits: Miss Scuba Philippines Facebook Official)

Mie is from the Overseas Filipino-Community of Japan. She is saddened by the polluted water bodies that are filled with plastic wastes and advocates on teaching people how to take care of the mess.

Mie calls out of the vicious cycle where the plastic waste harms and kills the marine life, causing the increase of bacteria and viruses which in turn harms humans. She wishes to change this cycle by teaching people how to care about the marine life.

Angelopedia wishes all the contestants the very best for their advocacies and their delegacies in Miss Scuba Philippines 2018.