Miss Slovensko 2018 finalist Nicole Hromkovičová’s alfresco life

29 Mar 2018 | Angelique Reyes

Miss Slovensko 2018 is just a few weeks away from us, and the finalists are in full prep mode. While these women are busy with their vigorous rehearsals, it’s our job to make sure their fans know them well. Thus, we explore the different sides of these finalists. Today, we get to know Nicole Hromkovicová a little better.

21-year-old Nicole Hromkovicová stands tall at 175 cm. She works at The Mission and Tropical Health Institute of St. John Paul II. Her hobbies are to play a game of flute, sports, and to cook.

The main driving force for her to apply for Miss Slovensko 2018 was Miss World - Beauty with a purpose. The opportunity to help autistic children like her younger brother and motivating others to help and tolerate more was what attracted her to the competition. Also, bringing awareness to the diagnosis of the same, as it is not completely understood in Slovakia and therefore stripping these children many times of the opportunity to go to school or socialize otherwise.

With such a good heart and an even more beautiful advocacy, there is nothing that can overshadow this sole reason to like her. But, there is something that can definitely sweeten the deal.

Hike me up!

A beautiful site but a dangerous path did not deter our very own hiker, Nicole Hromkovicová. As you might already be able to understand, Nicole seems to be in true love with the outdoors. She almost never leaves the chance to go out and breathe in some fresh air, and though this path is a little dangerous, she knows she has it in her.


Miss Slovensko 2018 finalist Nicole Hromkovicová’s alfresco life


 Every ride is a tiny holiday!

It seems to be true for Nicole. Look at that ear to ear smile, she seems the happiest after she took her bike out for a ride, and well, that beautiful sunset in the background, must have been worth the cardio. It’s just a beautiful picture in the perfect background. The right ending to a day.


Miss Slovensko 2018 finalist Nicole Hromkovicová’s alfresco life


Cruisin’ The Gnar

She even snowboards? That has to count for something. She’s pretty much an all-rounder if you ask us (all these ladies are). But most importantly, look at how adorable she is, all wrapped up in the sport.


Miss Slovensko 2018 finalist Nicole Hromkovicová’s alfresco life

(Photo Credits Nicole Hromkovicova Instagram Official)

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