Miss Slovensko 2018 finalist Katarína Očovanová’s adventures

03 Apr 2018 | Irina Silva

Katarína Ocovanová has entered the finale of Miss Slovensko 2018 and is probably just waiting for the gala night. However, it becomes our duty to find out more about the beautiful finalist. We snooped around her Instagram and found out what she loves the most.

20-year-old Katarína Ocovanová stands tall at 172 cm. she works at the Wellness hotel Kaskady. Her hobbies are horse riding, exercising, and travelling.

Initially, she had been thinking about entering the competition for a long time but never believed in herself. She felt that she did not have what she needed to make it far in the competition. However, her friend motivated her to sign up for the pageant.

She says that it was a new challenge for her that when her friend believed she could do it, she thought it was the right thing and that she had to try it out.

And the answer to the question, what does she love the most according to her Instagram feed is a sense of adventure. Katarína’s sense of adventure is at its max, and that gives us a few really good snaps to appreciate.

Bike trail!

This might look like just another bike trail, but just another look at the pic gives you the realization, that its way up on a mountain, and the scenes and the atmosphere must be amazing. Is it wrong to say we might be a little jealous of her?


Miss Slovensko 2018 finalist Katarína Ocovanová’s adventures


Just jockeying!

Wow, just wow! We love how the beauty queen has branched out into pretty much everything. We couldn’t have guessed she could ride a horse, and ride one that well.


Miss Slovensko 2018 finalist Katarína Ocovanová’s adventures


The scenic view is not one you get from every or any mountain peak. It’s quite possibly really high, and we believe our fit beauty queen took a trail up to the view. Well, this view is definitely worth a few kilometres of a hike.


Miss Slovensko 2018 finalist Katarína Ocovanová’s adventures

(Courtesy Katarina Ocavanova Instagram Official)

Is she your favourite Miss Slovensko 2018 finalist yet?