Miss South Africa 2020 finalist Busisiwe Mmotla shares Heritage Day celebration plans

17 Sep 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Busisiwe Mmotla representing Soweto is one of the top 10 finalists who is vying for the title of Miss South Africa 2020 shared her plans for the Heritage Day and what the Mother city means to her, and finally about the preparation of the pageant. She is considered as one of the strongest contenders.

The diva explained that the Heritage Day means a celebration of different cultures to bring the nation together. She further explained that the country is an amalgamation of different culture, tradition, and beliefs and on Heritage Day every culture, creed and tradition is celebrated which gives the people a feeling of proud of their heritage. Busisiwe added, “This is a day that enables one to feel proud of who they are without feeling judged or stereotyped to the notions that exist about their culture and how diverse it is by seeing how we are more alike than we are different.”



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On asking about her plans, she mentioned that she will be spending her day with her family and friends, eating the delicious meals that consists a good pap served with braai meat, chakalaka, and a cold drink. The diva mentions that her family is itself a union of different triplets because of the inter-marriage which has helped her to appreciate the other culture and traditions equally. She feels blessed that she has a loving and understanding family which makes her appreciate life in all. “To me is amazing because when we are together, we are all just speaking in different languages and we are just trying out new foods from all over the country,” Mmotla said.

The diva who is considered as one of the strongest contenders at the competition wished everyone a wonderful Heritage Day and stated “because of our differences that we are so strong. If we were all so similar and did not have different tribes, it would be easy for our culture to be stuck in a regressive position. Let’s use this day to celebrate these differences and use them as a chance to learn new things.”

Talking about her pageant journey till now, Busisiwe mentioned that she still feels it as a surreal experience and the process has made her think about the beauty pageant world in a totally different perspective. She stated that beauty pageants are not only about the beauty but so much hard work and efforts has been put into making it look like a grandeur event at the finale night. She expressed that she was taken aback with the amount of planning, working, and dedication it takes to make an event or a beauty pageant competition in place. “The photoshoots, the training, and coaching are really well thought out and that takes commitment and dedication to ensure everything is of high quality and aligned,” she said.



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Busisiwe along with the other 9 finalists had a chance to visit Cape Town for activities and she mentioned that she is so impressed with the beauty of the city. “Cape Town has been phenomenal. Something about the ocean and its blueness makes one very self-reflective. I have reflected on this whole journey. It has been the most important thing for me since I was 20. All the mistakes and all the effort I have put into things have led me to this position”, she added. It is the second time she visited the mother city and described it as calming and beautiful.

The organization of Miss South Africa will be hosting the coronation ceremony of Miss South Africa 2020 on 24th October 2020 in Cape Town and the pageant will be screened live on M-Net and Mzansi Magic and streamed for an international audience. Rebuilt under ‘Face your power, embrace your future’, stunning 10 beauties will compete for the crown and the opportunities to represent South Africa in Miss Universe 2020, Miss Supranational 2020 and Miss World 2020.