Miss South Africa 2020 Top 15: Busisiwe Mmotla

25 Jun 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Miss South Africa 2020, the 62nd edition of Miss South Africa, will host its annual edition virtually in the month of August where the next delegate to represent South Africa at international pageants will be crowned. South Africa’s performance at the international beauty pageants has been incredible as the divas have always proven their worth in the competition and with their remarkable performances, they have taken home multiple titles, especially in the recent years.

Rebuilt under ‘Face your power, embrace your future’, stunning beauties will compete for the crown and the opportunities to represent South Africa in Miss Universe 2020, Miss Supranational 2020 and Miss World 2020. The Miss South Africa organization has announced the names of judges for the first round of the competition.

Just recently, the Top 15 semi-finalists were revealed out of the 35 contestants who began their journey in the national competition. Busisiwe Mmotla is one of the top 15 delegates who have been selected by the organization for the Miss South Africa 2020. She hails from Soweto and is 27-years-old. She is a Senior & FET Phase teacher who graduated from the University of Johannesburg in 2017 with a Bachelor of Education degree. She is currently studying towards a Diploma in Personal Training at Trifocus Fitness Academy with the goal of becoming a wellness coach.



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Busisiwe is not new to pageantry as she was previously crowned Miss Soweto in 2017 and won USN Face of Fitness 2019. Busisiwe is a passionate woman who wishes to focus on the development and upliftment of the community; she is a believer in educating oneself to emancipate minds. Mmotla is also an ambassador and a nurturer. “I am an ambitious, idealistic, open minded, self-driven, enthusiastic and positive that a new day brings new possibilities. I am a teacher in training and through that I hope to make a positive impact in the lives of the young. A philanthropist at heart, I believe in touching lives and giving the little that I have. I live my life according to the motto that reads, ‘Most people exist. Therefore, choose to Exist’”, she quotes. Busisiwe is also the Founder of Blessed M Foundation which began in 2015 as a Pageant coaching place.

Overcoming the challenges, she faced through her disadvantaged upbringing, Busi has created numerous opportunities to build her profile and advance her career in fitness. From winning the Miss Soweto crown in 2017 to taking a gamble and putting herself out there, Busisiwe is proof positive that the right mindset and dogged determination can overcome any obstacle. As the youngest of seven siblings in a family raised by a single unemployed mother, Busi battled through life. “Living in a shack with an unemployed mother meant I couldn’t achieve everything I wanted, which crushed my confidence. I also had to learn to be responsible at a young age, but this also taught me the value of working hard to achieve what you want, which has served me well throughout my life”, she says.



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Busi first turned to fitness to manage her anxiety as she found the gym to be a healing space. “Having endured two abusive relationships, a stressful Miss Soweto reign and being unemployed, I needed something that would help me feel beautiful and worth it again. It offered me a release for pent-up emotions. It also made me fall in love with the process while learning to appreciate my flaws and to love myself more. It has been less than a year since I started my fitness journey, but it’s the longest time I’ve been at peace. Fitness has become my therapy”, she says. Her fitness, elegance, fierce determination, and sincerity make her a strong contender for the crown.

The diva desires to win the title of Miss South Africa as she feels that the platform would help her to create a safe space for the women in her community for conversations that will prioritize all women in South Africa no matter their physical appearance, race, belief and or social background. She believes that representation is of utmost importance, as women we need a realistic representation. With her strong, focused, and determined attitude towards winning, she can be a tough contender for the competition. She has started to prep herself for the finale as she works on her body every day along with working on on-stage walk and communication skills.