Miss South Africa 2020 Wishlist: Sarah Kgoitsimang

25 May 2020 | Ana Walia

Miss South Africa 2020, the 62nd edition of Miss South Africa, will host its annual edition virtually in the month of August where the next delegate to represent South Africa at Miss Universe 2020 will be crowned. South Africa’s performance at the international beauty pageants has been incredible as the divas have always proven their worth in the competition and with their remarkable performances, they have taken home multiple titles, especially in the recent years. Rebuilt under ‘Face your power, embrace your future’, stunning beauties will compete for the crown and the opportunities to represent South Africa in Miss Universe 2020 and Miss World 2020.

While the official delegates are yet to be announced, there are a few beauties who have shown immense potential to be a part of this year’s national pageant. Sarah Kgoitsimang has made it to our wish list along with being the official entrant to be a part of Miss South Africa 2020 with her stunning beauty and grace. She recently sent and uploaded her entry video for the pageant on her social media.



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Sarah is 23-years-old and is currently studying Psychology and aspires to be a beauty queen and represent South Africa at Miss Universe 2020 stage. She has always been passionate about being a beauty queen because she believes that Miss South Africa provides a platform where the beauty queens or divas are able to motivate and inspires millions of other young women to work towards their better future.

Sarah likes to visit the orphan she was born in and spend time with the kids there. She feels blessed for the opportunity that she has right now and will use it to it fullest to make the lives of children in her orphan better. She likes to dance a lot and especially with the kids of her orphan. The diva explains that with the platform provided by Miss South Africa, she will be able to not only create awareness but also encourage many more South African orphans with HIV/AIDS to have their own voice. She states, “The stigma, around being an orphan, needs to be broken and changed. It has been said, "Be the change you want to see in the world."



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Sarah is confident and very focused with her advocacy and being an orphan herself, she understands how difficult the lives of orphan kids are and she wants to use her power of speech and the platform to change that. She wants her younger sisters to know, that their dreams are valid and that they should never, allow the fact that they live in an orphanage limit who they truly can be.

The diva is a firm believer of god and strongly feels that whatever happens, happens for a reason and she has a purpose to serve and she will do her best to serve what she is planned for. This is going to be her first beauty pageant but she is very excited and blessed that she has been given a chance to participate. If she gets selected, she will try to show her best out to the judges as well as the audience and impress them. Sarah will have to work hard as the organization is not just looking for a super model who can represent South Africa at international stage but they are looking out for someone who is shaped up for standing up for women’s rights, is a leader and has the ability to speak so powerfully that she can change the thinking of the world.