Kgothatso Dithebe enters Miss South Africa 2021 to be the voice of the voiceless

25 Jun 2021 | Camilla Suarez

The organization of Miss South Africa is all set to host the 63rd edition of the pageant in October this year as the released a trailer announcement asking the potential aspirants to enter themselves for the competition a few weeks ago.

While many divas have already announced their entries for the pageant, Kgothatso Dithebe has become the latest breakthrough entry of Miss South Africa 2021. Popularly known as the “Model with a Mark’, Kgothi is a 26 year old business owner, model and student.

Kgothi has always stood out as a model as her facial birthmark drew a lot of attention on social media and indeed in the press. The diva was also a part of Miss South Africa 2016 where she reached till Top 16. Being a finalist in Miss SA 2019 gave her a platform to motivate those who don’t love themselves as a result of their insecurities.



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Growing up as a kid Kgothi was bullied a lot, they would make fun of her because of her birthmark. Kgothi has a unique facial birthmark that extends over her hairline. Her birthmark taught her resilience in life, as she always felt very insecure. Today she motivates girls all over to love themselves and try to break down outdated standards and revolutionize the beauty industry. She supports those who feel like they don’t belong anywhere.

As she said in her entry video, “I am entering Miss South Africa because I want to be the voice of the voiceless and give hope to the hopeless. My life story was not always easy but sharing it with the entire nation and trying to make a difference is what I stand for.”

Kgothi decided to enter the pageant once again due to the rapidly increase in bullying and cyber bullying in South Africa which has led to a lot of suicide and mental health issues. “This has urged me to enter Miss South Africa once again; to be loud and to ensure that I spread the message across all borders,” she added.



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She has always stated that, “Next time you think of yourself as an imperfect person with flaws, know that the person you think is perfect also has a flaw! Be yourself. Add value in the world by being yourself; you bringing something that was never there before.”

“One thing I refuse is to think of my mark as a flaw. It’s actually my blessing, this mark is my way to millions,” says the ‘Model with a Mark’ who is redefining beauty standards. Kgothi is a true inspiration and a proud solid, growning and relatable woman who wishes to represent South Africa at the international platform. Apart from her advocacies, Kgothi is also an experienced model and beauty queen who has a strong potential to represent the country and make it proud.

The winner of Miss South Africa 2021 will succeed Miss South Africa 2020 Shudufhadzo Musida for the title and earn the opportunity to represent South Africa in an international competition. The last date to enter the competition is 24th June 2021 at midnight.