Will third time be a charm for Olin-Shae Elizabeth De La Cruz at Miss South Africa 2021?

25 Jun 2021 | Camilla Suarez

The Miss South Africa organization is preparing to host Miss South Africa 2021 in October 2021, with delegates from across the country competing for the national title. The organization had posted a trailer as an announcement asking interested candidates to send in their videos for the competition a few weeks ago. The winner will succeed Miss South Africa 2020 Shudufhadzo Musida for the title and earn the opportunity to represent South Africa in an international competition.

Olin-Shae Elizabeth De La Cruz is one of the divas who has sent in her entry video for the competition and is hoping to get selected for the competition where she will be able to showcase her full potential. Olin is 27-years-old. She has a bachelor’s degree in business administration in media operations management from Boston Media House, Sandton.



The diva wants to be a part of Miss South Africa 2021 as she wants to take a step to show that she chooses bravery and possibilities. She wants to encourage the people of South Africa to face their power and embrace their future. Olin is a powerful and empowered individual who wants to be an example to people, especially young girls in the country, by standing up, taking their space, and contributing to society.

"Fear and doubt can easily make you want to give up and spend so much time contemplating, but faith and encouragement can push you to remember that God has placed something special within each of us and our light should not be dimmed. So, even though I still have a lot to learn, I'm ready because I know I have even more to give. Through months of highs, lows, reflections, and transformation, I am choosing to not be a good woman, but a great woman. So here is to choosing bravery to hopefully embark on a journey of a lifetime," she captioned her video.

The diva is the co-founder of a marketing company called Swish EP, works as an account manager for a media and advertising company, and is a netball coach on the weekends with Action Kidz South Africa. Olin believes that with Miss South Africa's leadership platform, she will have a greater opportunity to motivate and inspire the youth. Values that are important to her are acknowledgment and respect, which is recognizing everyone and respecting who each person is and what they have to offer.



Olin is not new to the world of beauty pageants as she participated in Miss South Africa 2020 as well, where she was able to finish in the top 15 at the end of the event. She was considered as one of the most potential candidates as she showcased immense dedication and zeal to not only win but also make the best use of the platform given to her. She didn't make it to the top spot, but if she is chosen as Miss South Africa 2021, she could be a strong contender with her experience, power, and confidence and a vision to follow. She competed in Miss South Africa 2017 and wowed everyone with her stunning beauty and tenacity. Before that, Olin entered Miss Earth South Africa 2013 where she was again placed in the semi-finals. After Miss South Africa 2017, she joined the Disney Cruise Line and traveled the world working as a Youth Counselor.

She describes herself as an ‘adventurous, curious, and competitive’ woman who is looking for a path to help her to become a leader and make a significant change. Olin is strong, powerful, and confident with her goals in life, and if she is chosen, she will compete not just for the crown, but to become a leader and encourage people to stand up. She is stunning, has excellent public speaking skills, and has begun to prepare for the competition.

Do you think she will be selected?