Miss South Africa faces criticism over ‘Primitive’ pageant rules!

06 Mar 2018 | Angelique Reyes

In the midst of the auditions, registrations and selections, the people of South Africa have raised criticism towards the application rules, calling them primitive and not inclusive of all South African women.

This is the 60th year of Miss South Africa pageant and with its ancient history; the national pageant has not changed much of its rules since its inception. A list of these rules circulated on the social media and people were not impressed. Young women shared this list on their social accounts and the pageant organizers had to go through a back-lash as people questioned how the pageant aimed to empower women by dictating how beauty is defined.


Miss South Africa faces criticism over ‘Primitive’ pageant rules!

(Photo Credits - Rolene Strauss Instagram Official)

"Applicants must not be married and never have had a marriage annulled. Never have been pregnant, never have given birth and not currently pregnant," read two points on the list.

It also stated that women needed to be under the age of 27 and not have any visible tattoos.

People stated their opinions mainly pointing out how a tattoo on one’s body can affect any contestant’s eligibility for a beauty pageant.

Miss SA came forward with an explanation to its Twitter page to explain that the requirements were set out according to international standards.

"We follow international pageant regulations. Being Miss SA is a very taxing and busy job during her year of reign, keeping moms away from their kids. However, there is the Mrs SA Pageant organisation who welcomes moms and wives to enter," read part of their statement.

South Africa has had a wonderful run at the international beauty pageant platform with likes of Miss World 2014 Rolene Strauss and Miss Universe 2017 Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters in the recent times or Miss Universe 1978 Margaret Gardiner and Miss World 1958 Penelope Coelen in earlier times.