Get to know the Miss Slovensko finalists- Part 2

06 Mar 2018 | Angelique Reyes

As we had told you in our previous article- Get to know the Miss Slovensko finalists- Part 1, this two-part series is to well acquaint you to the 12 finalists of the Miss Slovensko 2018 pageant. Some of these girls filled in their forms by their own accord, and the others were encouraged by their friends and family. Either way, these girls have made a mark by getting selected out of the hundreds of women that had applied for the competition.

Here are the remaining six finalists in the running for the Miss Slovensko 2018 crown.


Get to know the Miss Slovensko finalists- Part 2


Tatyová Jasmina

18 year old Tatyová Jasmina stands at the height of 178 cm. she works at a private dance conservatory, Dušan Nebyl in Trnava. Her hobbies, as you have guessed by now, are dancing, singing, and gymnastics.

According to Tatyová, the chance to become this year's finalist of the Miss Slovakia competition was very interesting to her. She’s a type of woman who loves challenges. She encounters various people's reactions every day. The older she gets, the less she experiences people with prejudices. She is an exotic, yet 100% Slovakian, like any woman who is born in the country and there for all of her life. Motivation from family, friends and people around her is her foundation.

Hromkovicová Nicole

21-year-old Hromkovicová Nicole stands tall at 175 cm. She works at The Mission and Tropical Health Institute of St. John Paul II. Her hobbies are to play a game of flute, sports, and to cook.

The main driving force for her to apply for Miss Slovensko 2018 was Miss World - Beauty with a purpose. The opportunity to help autistic children like her younger brother and motivating others to help and tolerate more were what attracted her to the competition. Also, bringing awareness to the diagnosis of the same, as it is not completely understood in Slovakia and therefore strip these children many times of the opportunity to go to school or socialize otherwise.

Darášová Katarína

19-year-old Darášová Katarína has a height of 172 cm. she works at the Gymnázium L. Sará, BA and her hobbies are playing sports and drawing.

She has, since her childhood, dreamt of being a Miss Slovakia finalist. She watched with enthusiasm, every single year, hoping that she would someday fulfill this dream. This childhood longing motivated her to enter the competition. She has also decided to support her family and is happy and will never regret her decision.


Get to know the Miss Slovensko finalists- Part 2

(Photo Credits - Miss Slovensko Official)

Barboráková Rebeka

20-year-old Barboráková Rebeka is 172 cm tall. She works at the Univerzita Komenského v Bratislave - Fakulta filozofickej, and loves to act, swim, hike, and read.

She entered the Miss Slovakia competition by herself, but with the assistance of my family, who completely supported her in this idea. She reminisced watching the competition as a little girl, along with her parents, who always told her that one day she will definitely reach there. What adds to her joy of entering the finalist is the fact that she has fulfilled her and her loved ones’ dreams.

She wants to show the world that Slovak girls go far beyond this competition, they are not only beautiful but also purposeful, hardworking, kind and intelligent.

Ocovanová Katarína

20-year-old Ocovanová Katarína stands tall at 172 cm. she works at the Wellness hotel Kaskady. Her hobbies are horse riding, exercising, and travelling.

Initially, she had been thinking about entering the competition for a long time but never believed in herself. She felt that she did not have what she needed to make it far in the competition. However, her friend motivated her to sign up for the pageant.

She says that it was a new challenge for her that when her friend believed she could do it, she thought it was the right thing and that she had to try it out.

Kadvanová Jana

24-year-old Kadvanová Jana stands tall at the height of 168 cm. She works at the Faculty of Economics and Management of Agriculture in Nitra. She loves to travel, cook, bake, and read.

She entered the competition herself and admitted very honestly, that her ego led her to do so. Her ego pushed her to try to do something new. But she also joined to experience something new.