Miss Suisse Francophone 2020 Meet the Delegates

21 May 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Suisse Francophone is an annual beauty pageant that crowns the representative to Miss Supranational. The 2020 edition began with unveiling of 30 contestants who will now compete for the national crown. The candidates chosen personify the beauty and intelligence combination of 21st century.

La Francophonie is the only linguistic and cultural ensemble of the 21st century capable of competing with the cultural hegemony of the Anglo-Saxon world. Community of strong interest, the Francophonie brings together 870 million people around a powerful promotion and cultural identity project, thus largely crossing the only frontiers of world politics”, the organization mantra reads.

Luana Antunes (Age: 20 Years, Height: 164 cm)

Lena Della Vecchia (Age: 20 Years, Height: 172 cm)

Azbie Asanoska (Age: 17 Years, Height: 168 cm)

Edona Hajdaraj (Age: 18 Years, Height: 168 cm)

Tiffany Blaser (Age: 20 Years, Height: 169 cm)

Ekaterina Ostroumova (Age: 27 Years, Height: 168 cm)

Gaëlle Pittet (Age: 21 Years, Height: 177 cm)

Carlota Schneider (Age: 16 Years, Height: 173 cm)

Meredith Frauchiger (Age: 21 Years, Height: 172 cm)

Salomé Zoungrana (Age: 23 Years, Height: 176 cm)


Miss Suisse Francophone 2020 Meet the Delegates


Anisa Lipovica (Age: 18 Years, Height: 167 cm)

Ana-Liza Cabral (Age: 25 Years, Height: 166 cm)

Julia Barbey (Age: 19 Years, Height: 170 cm)

Melissa Rofidal (Age: 18 Years, Height: 177 cm)

Inês Vinhas (Age: 24 Years, Height: 169 cm)

Celia Negreche (Age: 19 Years, Height: 166 cm)

Damaris Sierra Ortiz (Age: 18 Years, Height: 167 cm)

Dinara Vagapova (Age: 18 Years, Height: 170 cm)

Anaïs Zwald (Age: 18 Years, Height: 169 cm)

Marine Volpilhac (Age: 25 Years, Height: 168 cm)


Miss Supranational Switzerland 2020 meet the delegates


Ilona Lattion (Age: 21 Years, Height: 169 cm)

Ana Lourenço (Age: 26 Years, Height: 170 cm)

Doina Bitca (Age: 25 Years, Height: 178 cm)

Laïla Rigolet (Age: 23 Years, Height: 172 cm)

Vanessa Rohrer (Age: 21 Years, Height: 176 cm)

Jeromine Schmidt (Age: 24 Years, Height: 168 cm)

Corie Berdoz (Age: 21 Years, Height: 172 cm)

Biondina Rama (Age: 23 Years, Height: 165 cm)

Beatriz Pina (Age: 17 Years, Height: 170 cm)

Lesly Clément (Age: 18 Years, Height: 173 cm)


Miss Supranational Switzerland 2020 Meet The Contestants

(Photo Credits: Miss & Mister Suisse Francophone Facebook Official)

Thaina Vieira represented Switzerland in Miss Supranational 2018 but unfortunately remained unplaced. The country is yet to pioneer its win in Miss Supranational. Last year, the country withdrew its participation in the international contest.