Get to know the stunning Miss Supranational 2016 delegate Jaleesa Pigot

13 Nov 2016 | Angelopedia

One of the most beautiful and less explored countries in the world, Suriname, is adorned with gorgeousness, the kind which is hard to find anywhere else. This small country has reach heights of success in many fields. Will the stunning delegate of the country, Jaleesa Pigot, get what she wants? Let’s get to know the beauty a little better.

Jaleesa Pigot is the ambassador from Suriname at the 8th edition of one of the most reputed pageants in the world, Miss Supranational 2016. The incredibly gorgeous delegate is 24 years of age and has a towering height of 171 centimeters. She comes from the capital of her country, Paramaribo.

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Get to know the stunning Miss Supranational 2016 delegate Jaleesa Pigot


Pigot has gorgeous features, well sculpted face, and a fit physique. She looks radiant whenever she smiles and has caught attention of fans from all over the world. The beauty believes that “loves starts from the inside and goes out. So, love yourself first and let it shine!”

The 2016 Miss Supranational Suriname delegate works as a model. She is also studying, and managing the beauty pageant preparation all at once. The stunner is not new to the world of contests. She has represented at many pageants before where she did not fail to make a mark on her fans. Jaleesa was highly appreciated at the Miss Tropical beauties Suriname 2016 and was titled Best in Bikini 2016.

Do you think she can be the one to be crowned on December 02’ 2016 at the Hall of Sports in Poland? Tell us who is your favourite contestant.

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