Question and Answer Round of Top 5 finalists of Miss Supranational 2017

02 Dec 2017 | Srishti Jain

The glitzy event of Miss Supranational 2017 concluded with the crowning of Jenny Kim of Korea as the winner. She was exceptional in her swimwear and evening gown round, while her question and answer round was bang on.

Best among the 63 candidates, the Top 5 candidates of the night faced their question and answer battle in which they were asked separate questions. The girls were to choose one of the Mister Supranational 2017 candidates, whose question was asked to them.

First to be asked question was Martha Martinez Insignares (aka Tica Martínez) of Colombia, who chose Mister Supranational Spain 2017. She was asked, “Do you prefer to ask for forgiveness or ask for permission?”

This first runner-up of the night answered, “I prefer to ask for forgiveness. When we do that, we know we have done something wrong and we learn from that. So, when we ask for forgiveness, we learn from our bad experience. You know, we are humans, we make mistakes and it’s the reason we are humans.”


Question and Answer Round of Top 5 finalists of Miss Supranational 2017


The second to answer was Larissa Santiago of Puerto Rico (fourth runner-up). She chose Mister Supranational USA’s question that was, “What is the place you would like to visit?”

She answered, “My whole life I have always wanted to visit Paris but right now the place I want visit the most is Puerto Rico. It is going through a tough time right now, and I live in New York and my presence there will help me see what they are going through right now and I just want to help.”

Next came Bitaniya Yosef of Ethiopia (third runner-up), who chose a question from Mister Supranational Canada 2017. It was, “What were you feeling when you appeared for the first time on stage and the atmosphere in front of the camera tonight?”

She replied, “I was so excited. I am so happy because I am here to represent my country, my lovely and sweet country.”

Next question was for the first runner-up Bianca Tirsin Lorena of Romania which was, “What do you think about violence towards women?”

She replied empathetically, “Discrimination, abuse and violence against women and not only women but children and also teenagers is wrong, they have human rights, which are violated. We must teach men to respect women. You can’t hit women; you need to respect them because the person who gave birth to you, your mother is also a woman. Your teacher, who taught you your first alphabet and all the other things, was a woman. The person you played with, your sister is also a woman. The person you love, your wife is a woman. The mother earth who will absorb you when you die is a woman and you need to respect them all.”

Last to answer was the winner of the night, Jenny Kim of Korea, who was asked a question by Mister Supranational Netherlands 2017. It was – “'What will she do if she has 1 Million dollars?".

To which she replied a brilliantly by saying that she would like to open a school as imparting education to under-privileged is her advocacy. She wants to build a bright future for such children by providing them with the education.


Question and Answer Round of Top 5 finalists of Miss Supranational 2017