Miss Supranational 2018 Royal Dinner winners announced

06 Dec 2018 | Angelique Reyes

Miss Supranational 2018 is all set to host its grand coronation night on 7th December 2018 where delegates from all over the world will compete for the coveted crown. Before the finale, today, right before the 10th edition grand finale of Miss Supranational, a Royal dinner with very special guests will be held in Krnica-Zdroj.

The president of Nowa Scena Mr Gerhard Parzutka von Lipinski will be joined by the reigning queen Jenny Kim and all eight queens from the previous years, in addition to Mister Supranational 2017 Gabriel Correa. The dinner will also be attended by the ten winners from this year’s edition that were selected through online voting till yesterday night.

The criteria of voting were quite simple; by either liking an elegant photo with a royal stamp by Raymond Saldana on Instagram (five contestants will be selected on Instagram) or watching the Official Contestant Introduction Video on Youtube (five contestants with more visualizations on their official contestant introduction video on Youtube).

Here are the ten gorgeous ladies who will get this prestigious opportunity tonight –


Miss Supranational 2018 Royal Dinner winners announced


Miss Supranational Ukraine 2018 Snizhana Tanchuk

Miss Supranational Philippines 2018 Jehza Mae Huelar

Miss Supranational Myanmar 2018 Shwe Eain Si

Miss Supranational Vietnam 2018 Minh Tu Nguyen

Miss Supranational Malaysia 2018 Sanjna Suri


Miss Supranational 2018 Royal Dinner winners announced

(Photo Sources: Miss Supranational Facebook Official/Photographer Raymond Saldaña )

Miss Supranational Finland 2018 Eveliina Tikka

Miss Supranational Indonesia 2018 Wilda Octaviana Situngkir

Miss Supranational England 2018 Romy Simpkins

Miss Supranational Colombia 2018 Mimi Carranza

Miss Supranational Mexico 2018 Diana Romero Ortega

As the Organization announced the winner, the criterion of selection was also explained, “Since Indonesia, Vietnam and Myanmar made the Top 5 on both platforms, the ones who placed 6th in IG and YouTube (Colombia and Mexico), also advanced. They will go to 7th place. Since Finland, 7th in IG already made it in YouTube, England, 7th in YouTube advances, rounding out the group of 10 candidates who will join our royal dinner!

Congratulations to all the winners!