Miss Supranational 2018 Top 5 Question and Answer Round

08 Dec 2018 | Angelique Reyes

The finale of Miss Supranational 2018 was finally held today in Poland and before the presenters announced the winners, Top 5 finalists had to go through the very important and mandatory question and answer round. It is this crucial round which decided the viability of the delegates and either makes or breaks them.

This year in Miss Supranational, the Top 5 delegates were given the choice to select the judge who would pose the question, but this advantage came with a twist. The finalists just had 20 seconds to answer the question and prove their point, and exceeding the time limit could lead to losing points.


Miss Supranational 2018 Top 5 Question and Answer Round


The Top 5 answers of the night during the question and answer round are as follows -

Katrina Jayne Dimaranan Miss Supranational United States of America 2018

Katrina chose Miss Supranational 2017 Jenny Kim for the question and she asked, “What do you think is one of the disadvantages of a beauty pageant and why?” Katrina gave a very precise and to-the-point answer to this question and said that beauty queens face a lot of criticism in life, they get body shamed all the time because people do not get the concept of beauty pageants. She then goes on to say that as women the beauty queens have learned to rise above those criticisms and prove to them that these are women who have dreams, goals and ambitions. The audience, as well as the judges, were very impressed by her answer.


Diana Romero Ortega Miss Supranational Mexico 2018

Diana selected Miss Supranational 2010 Karina Pinilla for her question who asked, “What word or content represents for you, the meaning of life and why?” Diana started by giving the audience a piece of her mind saying that she thinks the biggest problem she has had to be in this event is that it is demonstrating every day that she can achieve anything she wants to do and that she can achieve any goal and in the same way you can achieve it.


Magdalena Bienkowska Miss Supranational Poland 2018

Magdalena chose Katarzyna Krzeszowska to give her the question and the latter asked, “What are the most important things in your life and why?” Magdalen said that the most important thing in her life is her family. She then went ahead and thanked them, and ended her answer by saying that she would one day like to have a family like she has today. She gave a beautiful answer, only she exceeded the time limit which worked as a disadvantage for her.


Miss Supranational 2018 Top 5 Question and Answer Round


Wilda Octaviana Situngkir Miss Supranational Indonesia 2018

Wilda selected her question to be asked by Miss Supranational 2013 Mutya Johanna Datul who asked, “What is the most important advice you will give to a struggling and frustrated female pageant aspirant and why?” Wilda said that as beauty queens, pageants are really important and they have to remember that they have to not only show their body but also inspire as well as motivate others. she ended her answer by saying that a beauty queen should be able to live with sincerity.


Valeria Vázquez Latorre Miss Supranational Puerto Rico 2018

Valeria wanted Miss Supranational 2009 Oksaya Moria, and the latter asked, “What is a beauty for you?” Valeria said that beauty is relative to the eye she then said that there is physical beauty as well as inner beauty where the former is relative and the latter in the most important beauty part of all. Without inner beauty, it is impossible to be a good person on the outside.