Will Thailand’s Benjarat Akkarawanichsil Aebi create a back-to-back win at Miss Supranational 2021?

05 Aug 2021 | Angelique Reyes

The Miss Supranational pageant, in the past decade has gained a lot of value for being one of the most prestigious and anticipated beauty pageants in the world. The pageant has been a major spotlight for Asian countries who have emerged as front-runners in the industry and especially at Miss Supranational, over the years.

Thailand, is one country, which has never failed to shine at the international platform. Even though the country has bagged only one win at Miss Supranational, it has always been among the top finalists every year, with some of the most potential and strong representatives.

Anntonia Prosild became the first woman from Thailand to take home the Miss Supranational crown in 2019. The Thai-Danish beauty performed with absolute grace and excellence at the international contest. Even in the times of crisis and the global pandemic, Anntonia tried her best to carry out the crown duties as much as she could while maintaining the safety norms in the community.



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Most of her activities revolve around the singular goal of providing necessities to those who need it the most. An advocate for body positivity, with her initiative, she has already helped millions of girls all over the world and made Thailand proud.

For the 2021 edition, Benjarat Akkarawanichsil Aebi, also popularly known as Queenie Benjarat, has been appointed to represent Thailand at Miss Supranational 2021. Hailing from Phuket, 26 years-old Benjarat is a graduated with a degree in Communication Arts from Bangkok University. She is one of the co-founders of the Bangkok Charity Soldiers; a charity project that works with friends from all six different nationalities, to focus on sustainable development in Thai society.

The beauty queen was also a candidate at Miss Universe Thailand 2020, recently, and was placed in the Top 10 at the end of the event finale. She has worked with various brands and designers in Thailand that helped her to gain confidence, experience, and knowledge about beauty pageants.

Queenie has been a fan-favourite since her participation in Miss Universe Thailand 2020 and is known for her exceptional performance. She is strong, confident, and assured that she will perform her best in the Miss Supranational competition to make Thailand proud.

The diva definitely has big shoes to fill because the reigning queen is from Thailand and Anntonia's stellar performance helped her win the title, and she is one of the most beloved Miss Supranational queens, so the stakes are a little higher for Benjarat.



Benjarat was one of the first divas who had departed to Poland for her Supra journey. She is currently in Krakow city and has been exploring the city. She also met her fellow delegate, Chanique Rabe from Namibia and is now looking forward to official begin with the pageant activities.

Queenie has mentioned that she strongly believes in herself. The diva is connected to her roots and culture, which is one of the reasons why she is loved by every Thai person as she brings the authenticity of the country on stage. With a chance to create a back to back win for Thailand at Miss Supranational, Benjarat Akkarawanichsil Aebi believes that with hard work and dedication, she will be able to achieve her goal.