Miss Supranational 2021 Chanique Rabe speaks up against cyberbullying

25 Aug 2021 | Angelique Reyes

Namibia’s Chanique Rabe was crowned Miss Supranational 2021 at the 12th edition of Miss Supranational held at the Strzelecki Park Amphitheater, Nowy Sacz on 21st August 2021, as she bested fifty-eight contestants from all over the world. She succeeded Miss Supranational 2019 Anntonia Porsild of Thailand for the title.

Few days after her crowning, the newly crowned queen started facing backlash and negative reactions to her win. Chanique is under attack by vicious people who are unhappy with her being crowned as Miss Supranational 2021. Always choosing to spread love and light, she took to her social media, after some trolls posted negative comments on her’s as well as Miss Supranational’s official social media pages.



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Chanique wrote, “It truly saddens me that so many fans from big pageant countries are spreading so much negativity towards myself and the Miss Supranational organization. Just because I am from a third world country with a small population. Limited funding and sponsorships and a super small pageant audience does not mean I am less worthy.  Spreading negativity truly harms not only you country, but the beautiful and wonderful contestants that represented your country at this competition.”

“I joined the Miss Supranational organization because of their values and what they stand for. The MSO team had two weeks to get to know me and it is because this organization is transparent and authentic that they chose me for who I am and not for the publicity and fame my country can bring to the table,” she added.

She also said, “I am honored to be Namibian and to be part of the Miss Supranational family. My country deserves to be heard and to be seen in the international pageant industry, and I couldn’t be prouder. Thank you to everyone who accepts me for who I am and for all your love and support.”



A post shared by Chanique Rabe (@chani.rabe)


Andre Sleigh, Creative Director of Miss Supranational organization also went on to speak up on the issue as he wrote, “I have now had enough of the disgusting behavior of some pageant fans. You have to try to bring me down all you want but you have no effect on me at all. The only thing you are doing is embarrassing your country (countries), the people who work hard for you and most of all your contestants. I feel sorry for them. It’s really a shame that in this time when the world is in such great need that you have so much time to display the worst of humanity.”

Pageant fanatics and community have all come in support for the queen as they are absolutely proud, happy and grateful for her winning the title. The new queen is very hardworking and confident in herself and that has helped her to secure the highest place in the competition.