Our favourites from the swimsuit competition of Miss Supranational 2021

18 Aug 2021 | Camilla Suarez

The 12th edition of Miss Supranational, i.e., Miss Supranational 2021, is all set to be held on 21st August 2021 at Strzelecki Park Amphitheater, Nowy Sacz, Malopolska, Poland, where fifty-eight delegates from all over the world will compete for the crown. The winner will succeed Miss Supranational 2019 Anntonia Porsild of Thailand for the title.

The competition began in the first week of August as delegates from all over the globe arrived in Poland. The organization hosted the preliminary competition at Hotel Beskid, Poland, which was broadcast live at GMT on Miss Supranational’s YouTube channel. The preliminary competition was graced by Miss Supranational 2019 Anntonia Porsild, and was hosted by Miss Universe Peru 2020 Janick Maceta Del Castillo and Miss Supranational Dominican Republic 2019 Yaliza Burgos.

The stunning fifty-eight representatives paraded the stage in their gorgeous swimsuits and evening gowns in which they looked not only beautiful but also confident and determined to perform their best and move ahead in the competition to win the crown for their country.

We’ve selected ten representatives (in no order) from the group who we think performed exceptionally well in the swimsuit round. So, without further ado, let’s look at the favourites from Miss Supranational 2021’s preliminary round (swimsuit):

Miss Supranational Brazil 2020 Deise Benício

Deise Bencio, representing Brazil, looked beautiful in her swimsuit, and walked on-stage with the utmost confidence and dedication to perform her best and have a good time. She had a smile throughout and paired her swimsuit with a set of bold matching earrings. Deise’s swimsuit showcased her perfect figure and impressed the audience and fans across the world.

Miss Supranational Colombia 2021 Valentina Aldana Dorado

Valentina Aldana, representing Colombia, walked on-stage confidently in her swimsuit, and made sure that she made eye contact with the audience with a smile, which was an added advantage to her performance. She walked on-stage like she owned the stage and that’s why she is one of our favourites for the swimsuit round.

Miss Supranational Dominican Republic 2020 Eoanna Constanza

Eoanna Constanza, representing the Dominican Republic, was a total beauty when she paraded on stage in her stunning swimsuit. Eoanna’s swimsuit showcased her gorgeous figure and how much effort she had put into it, and she was a delight to watch. She is already one of the strongest contenders for the crown and, with her spectacular performance at the swimsuit round, went on to prove that she is going to give a tough fight for the crown.

Miss Supranational Ecuador 2020 Justeen Cruz

Justeen Cruz, representing Ecuador, appeared secure as she walked on-stage in her swimsuit. With her charming smile and luxuriant hair, Justeen looked gorgeous during the swimsuit round and has made it into the favourites for the crown. She is one of the strongest contenders for the title who, with her dedication and determination, has managed to impress the audience, and with such an impressive preliminary round, she is surely making her way to the finals.

Miss Supranational India 2020 Aavriti Choudhary

Aavriti Choudhary, representing India, is one of the confident beauty queens at Miss Supranational 2021 who emerges as well-prepared and ready for a fight for the crown. With her signature curly locks and bright smile, Aavriti walked on-stage with utmost confidence to perform her best and impress everyone with her performance.


Miss Supranational Colombia 2021 Valentina Aldana Dorado


Miss Supranational Indonesia 2020 Jihane Almira Chedid

Jihane Almira Chedid, representing Indonesia, is one of the most popular beauty queens at Miss Supranational 2021 and, with her brilliant and confident performance at the preliminary competition, Jihane proves why she is one of the strongest. She looked amazing in her swimsuit and walked like she owned the ramp. Jihane paired the swimsuit with hoops and kept her makeup to a minimum but had a smile throughout, which brightened up her face and was beautiful to look at.

Miss Supranational Peru 2020 Solange Hermoza Rivera

Solange Hermoza Rivera, representing Peru, was a delight to watch at the preliminary competition of Miss Supranational 2021 as she paraded the stage with confidence, determination and a smile that impressed everyone. One of the things that was different about Solange’s swimsuit was the fact that she opted for a bathing swimsuit rather than a bikini, which was impressive and showcased that the diva knows how to stand out from the group.

Miss Supranational Philippines 2021 Dindi Pajares

Dindi Pajares, representing the Philippines, was one of the beauty queens who managed to bewitch the audience with her spectacular performance during the preliminary round. She was confident and, with her charming smile, Dindi was a delight to watch as she paraded on-stage in her blue-yellow swimsuit. Dindi proved why her fellow contestants at Miss World Philippines 2021 believed that she would not only perform her best at the competition but also make everyone in the Philippines proud.

Miss Supranational Romania 2020 Ann Michela Ciornea

Michela Ciornea, representing Romania, wore a stunning white bikini swimsuit in which she looked gorgeous as she paraded on stage. Michela is one of the beauty queens who had time to prepare herself for the competition as she was crowned in 2020 and her dedication and determination were showcased on-stage. She was highly appreciated for her performance and could make it to the top.

Miss Supranational Venezuela 2021 Valentina Sánchez Trivella

Valentina Sánchez, representing Venezuela, is one of the beauty queens who belongs to a country where beauty pageants are highly looked upon, and her determination and dedication to making the country proud were showcased during the preliminary round as she walked on-stage. The beauty queen’s luscious golden locks, charming smile and walk that oozes confidence and win was enough to make her one of the favourites.


Miss Supranational Indonesia 2020 Jihane Almira Chedid


Did your favourite make it to our list? Let us know.