Angelika Kostyshynová crowned Miss Supranational Czech Republic 2020

24 Jul 2020 | Angelique Reyes

At the grand finale of Miss Czech Republic 2020 held last night at the Aureole premises in Prague and broadcasted on Ocko Tv, Angelika Kostyshynová was crowned Miss Suprnational Czech Republic 2020 and became the official representative of Czech Republic in Miss Supranational 2020. Angelika succeeded and was crowned by Miss Supranational Czech Republic 2019 Hana Vagnerova at the end of the event finale.

The diva is 24-years-old and stands 174 cm tall and is currently studying occupational therapy at the Jan Evangelista Purkyne University. She is passionate about beauty pageant, sports, and reading. She is very connected to her roots and traditions. Angelika outperformed nine other delegates to win the national crown, giving her best performance at the national contest.


Angelika Kostyshynová crowned Miss Supranational Czech Republic 2020


The diva will use the platform given to her to help people in whatever way she can because she believes that we should do for the people who need it more than we do. She is compassionate, positive, humble, and very focused. After winning the title of Miss Supranational Czech Republic 2020, Angelika took to her social media account to thank everyone who had supported and motivated her throughout her journey. She thanked the organization, team, and especially the ten beautiful delegates who performed exceptionally well at the competition.

Winning the title meant so much more to the diva as she stated, “It means for me to move one step further, to prove to loved ones, family and all those who support me that if we really strive for something, it can come true. I will also get the opportunity to help others, which is also connected with what I study and what I really care about. I don't want it to be just about beauty, but also to pass on courage to other girls and inspire them.” For Angelika, the meaning of life will always be her family, self-knowledge, and self-improvement. She wants to spread positivity, love, laugh, and help others in order to evolve with it.


Angelika Kostyshynová winner Miss Supranational Czech Republic 2020


Along with Miss Supranational Czech Republic 2020 Angelika Kostyshynová, Karolína Kopíncová was crowned Miss World Czech Republic 2020, Natalie Kocendova crowned Miss International Czech Republic 2020, Barbora Aglerova´ crowned Miss Grand Czech Republic 2020 and Veronika Šmídová was crowned Miss Intercontinental Czech Republic 2020.

The ten stunning beauties, other than the winners, who competed for the crowns were Adela Maderycova, Tereza Blatakova, Sandra Bourdon, Jana Smejkalová and Markéta Chytilová. All the girls underwent intensive training and various challenges in which they had the opportunity to fight. Angelika seems like a strong contender for the title of Miss Supranational 2020.

Congratulations to the queen!