Denisse Nicolle to represent Germany at Miss Supranational 2020

24 Feb 2021 | Ana Walia

The organization of Miss Supranational Germany designated Denisse Nicolle as the new Miss Supranational Germany 2020 and will be representing the country at Miss Supranational 2020. Denisse succeeded Miss Supranational Germany 2019 Derya Koc for the title and is excited to take over the crown duties and prepare herself for the finale night.

Denisse is 25-years-old and is an international business management student from Hamburg. She speaks four languages; English, German, Filipino and a little bit of Spanish. She is strong, confident, and determined towards winning and representing Germany with utmost respect and honesty.



The diva is not new to the world of beauty pageants as she represented Germany at Miss Asia Pacific International 2019 and finished at top 25 at the end of the event finale. She was highly appreciated for her performance throughout the competition and is expected to perform with the same enthusiasm at Miss Supranational 2020.

Denisse is strong, beautiful, and focused towards her goals and has started to prepare for the competition and is looking forward to represent her country at international stage. She is experienced and is well equipped with the pageantry knowledge which will add an advantage to her preparation but she is working on her skills and abilities with utmost sincerity and honesty. The diva is grateful for all the experiences and opportunities she has received till now which has helped her to stay confident and strong throughout and she has thanked everyone for their immense love and support.



Denisse is an intelligent, empowered, and powerful woman who will be using the platform to bring in the change she thinks can make a positive impact on the society. She is going to represent her country at international stage and make the people of Germany proud with her performance.