Weslyne Paul crowned Miss Supranational Haiti 2019

05 Aug 2019 | Gayatri Poswal

The 11th edition of Miss Supranational i.e. Miss Supranational 2019 is all set to crown the new queen later this year in Poland, where various national delegates from across the globe will compete for the international crown and Miss Supranational 2018 Valeria Vázquez of Puerto Rico will crown her successor.

Haiti will compete in this year’s edition under Weslyne Paul’s delegation as she has been recently crowned Miss Supranational Haiti 2019 at the finale night held hours ago. Weslyne along with winning the crown has also taken over the responsibilities and advocacies associated with the title.


Weslyne Paul crowned Miss Supranational Haiti 2019

(Photo credit: Chrystelle Jean)

Weslyne is 21 years of age and is currently a model and actress. She is also a student of Diplomacy. With enchanting beauty, she is blessed with immensely beautiful eyes and a perfectly V-shaped jawline. Also, she has a tall hourglass figure and charming personality that can be a strong factor for her to secure a notable spot in the international finale.

Last year, Miss Supranational Haiti 2018 Mideline Phelizor represented Haiti at Miss Supranational 2018 finale, but unfortunately, she could not win any of the positions in Top. Therefore, the country is yet to pioneer its win in the pageant.


Weslyne Paul crowned Miss Supranational Haiti 2019


Heartiest congratulations to the beauty!