Aditi Hundia gets close and personal in her Miss Supranational 2018 Introduction Video

12 Nov 2018 | Irina Silva

Miss Supranational India 2018 Aditi Hundia has started to prepare for her journey to Miss Supranational 2018 as only eight days are left for the contestants to start to arrive in Krynica-Zdrój, Poland. As the first step, the Asian delegate just posted her introduction video where she got up and close about her childhood.


Aditi Hundia gets close and personal in her Miss Supranational 2018 Introduction Video


Aditi took to her official social media where she posted her introduction video and captioned it, “I want you to know that nothing in this whole wide world is elusive, you can achieve whatever your mind can conceive. It’s our mere drive, determination and dedication that decide our path. And this is my life story and I am proud to narrate it in front of you.

As the video begins, Aditi greeted everyone with a ‘namaste’, a traditional Indian greeting, as she talked about how proud she felt in representing her country. Talking about her childhood, she explained how it was a roller coaster ride for her after the death of her father while she was just a year old. Aditi grew up without knowing how it feels to have a father before her mother remarried while she was fourteen.

Through her experience, Aditi wishes to remove the stigma that is attached to a step family as she has the most loving step father in the world. She believes that he is the one who took her a step closer to her happiness. Calling her father her backbone and her superhero, Aditi shared how blood doesn’t define family but love and compassion does.



She is also an avid traveller and loves to sing and play badminton. Being an extrovert and a social person, she talked about how she loves to interact with people and make new relationships. Her career goal is to make a name for herself in the fashion industry and feels lucky to represent her country at such an important platform.

There is no doubt that the gorgeous diva will be a strong competitor at the upcoming Miss Supranational 2018. All the best!