Thriya Hemraz appointed Miss Supranational Mauritius 2020

17 Sep 2020 | Camilla Suarez

Miss Maurice Organization announced Thriya Hemraz as the new representative of Mauritius at Miss Supranational 2020 just hours ago. She has succeeded Miss Supranational Mauritius 2019 Urvashi Haurheeram and is very excited to be representing Mauritius at the international stage.

Hailing from the city of Vuillemin, Thriya is 24-years-old and has earned her Degree in Economics and International Relations at the University of Mauritius. She has recently completed a Post Graduate Certification in Education in Economics at the Mauritius Institute of Education and works as a teacher.



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The diva is not new to the world of beauty pageants as she was one of the participants at Miss Universe Mauritius 2019 and was one of the finalists at the end of the event finale. She was also a participant at Miss Earth Mauritius 2017 where she was adjudged as Miss Earth Water Mauritius 2017 at the end of the event finale. She started off her career as a model for fame but eventually understood that it takes a lot and has a lot of responsibilities. Thriya’s main aim now is to influence others using her voice, humility, dedication, and commitment.

As a teacher, the diva wishes to bring positive changes in the lives of her students; she is an avid advocator against drug abuse. Her motivation comes from her parents and her motto in life is, ‘hard-work is the best gift you can give to yourself’. She explained that she has grown up seeing her parents work hard to make amends and she always wanted to make them proud and Miss Maurice Organization has given her a chance to do that.



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Thriya is a nature lover and is passionate about travelling, meeting new people, and learning about their culture. She explained, “I like travelling because I am passionate of discovering new things, engaging myself into new adventures and new places. Hiking and mountain climbing are also part of me. Reaching on the top of that mountain, it’s like achieving a great thing!”

The diva calls her parents her heroes and feels very proud that they have been able to raise her up to be someone she is proud of. She thanked the organization and everyone who has supported her and motivated her to perform her best and will be cheering her up for the finale night too. “I feel like I am on top of the world. I like spending time with my family, watching movies, especially horror one,” she added.

Miss Maurice Organization also announced Vandana Jeetah as Miss Universe Mauritius 2020, Cheasta Ramdhooneea as Miss Asia Pacific International Mauritius 2020, and Samanta Luchoo as Miss Landscapes Mauritius 2020.

Congratulations to the divas!