Miss Supranational Thailand 2023 Wishlist - Punika Kulsoontornrut

24 Jan 2023 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Supranational Thailand is all set to begin the 2023 edition of the national pageant in the coming weeks where stunning beauties from all over the country will compete for the national crown and win the opportunity to represent Thailand at Miss Supranational 2023.

Miss Supranational organization recently upped the age limit to compete at Miss Supranational to 32 years and that means it has opened the roads for many beauty queens to give another try to get an international crown for their country. Amongst the wishlists being prepared for Miss Supranational Thailand 2023 crown, there’s one name that is now appearing everywhere.



Punika Kulsoontornrut is 30 years of age and can now give it a try to compete at Miss Supranational Thailand 2023 crown. In 2021 as well, Punika seemed ready to represent Thailand at Miss Supranational and bring a back-to-back win for her country.

Punika has had a strong stint at the pageantry since she began her journey. The diva is not new to the pageantry as she was a part of Miss Earth 2013 and Miss International 2014 where she was adjudged as the second runner-up at the end of both the events. She was also a strong competitor at the Miss Universe Thailand 2020 but was again adjudged as the second runner-up.



Punika has always used her platforms to empower people especially young women to follow their dreams and ambitions in life just like her. She believes that until and unless one works hard and focuses on their dreams and goals, they will never be able to achieve them.

Polfah is beautiful, confident, determined and feels extremely blessed for the opportunities she has received till now. If she decides to compete at Miss Supranational Thailand this year, she will surely be the one to beat with her polished style, her confident personality and not to mention – her stunning beauty.