Anna Sueangam-iam of Thailand wins the ImpactWayv Challenge

24 Jan 2023 | Priya Bhardwaj

ImpactWayvTM, the pioneering Social [Impact] Media Platform, congratulated Miss Universe Thailand 2022 Anna Sueangam-iam for winning the Miss Universe ImpactWayv Challenge during the 71st annual Miss Universe Competition. The ImpactWayv Challenge showcased and celebrated the delegates’ commitment to social good.

Sueangam-iam was announced as the winner of the ImpactWayv Award by Miss Universe Organization (MUO) owner Anne Jakrajutatip during the live broadcast of the 71st Miss Universe Competition on Saturday, January 14, in New Orleans, Louisiana, presented by MUO’s media partners The Roku Channel and Telemundo (subsidiary to NBC Universal).



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ImpactWayv is a healthier and more meaningful alternative to major social networking platforms. It operates as an entirely new kind of digital ecosystem, focused on social good and enabling users - people, businesses, and nonprofits - to effect, engage in and share social impact on a global scale.

In the weeks leading up to the Miss Universe Competition, each delegate was challenged to create the most social impact among their fans and followers by using the ImpactWayv app to promote the causes most important to them and their home countries.

Sueangam-iam earned the ImpactWayv Award by using the ImpactWayv platform to showcase her efforts across multiple disciplines, including ensuring proper access to education, making sure kids receive proper lunches, and speaking out on violence against women. As the winner, Anna will receive $10,000 from ImpactWayv to donate to a charity of her choice.



We were extremely impressed by the incredible commitment the Miss Universe delegates showed toward the causes that matter most to them. They utilized the ImpactWayv platform to drive collective impact across their countries and throughout the world, and they were able to inspire others to do the same. The delegates showed just how powerful the ImpactWayv platform is, and we are proud of our innovative role in providing this next-generation digital arena that all people, businesses and nonprofits can use to highlight their causes and educate, inform and inspire social good.  We invite everyone to follow their example and join us on ImpactWayv to create a tangible impact on a global scale”, said ImpactWayv Co-Founder and President George Dolatly.

Congratulations Anna!