Sophia Acosta crowned Miss Supranational USA 2021

23 Jun 2021 | Priya Bhardwaj

The organization of Miss Supranational USA hosted the coronation ceremony for Miss Supranational USA 2021 at Joe’s Live Rosemont, United States, on 19th June 2021, where Sophia Acosta, who represented Florida, was crowned Miss Supranational USA 2021/2022. Sophia succeeded and was crowned by Miss Supranational USA 2019 Regina Gray and will now represent the USA at Miss Supranational 2022.

Shivali Patel, who was recently appointed as Miss Supranational USA 2020, will represent the USA at Miss Supranational 2021 on 21st August 2021 in Poland. Recently crowned, Sophia is excited about taking over the crown duties as Miss Supranational 2021/22 and starting to prepare herself for the competition.


Sophia Acosta crowned Miss Supranational USA 2021


Miss Supranational USA 2021/2022 Sophia Acosta’s court includes:

First runner-up: Felicity Véliz

Second runner-up: Natalie Iman Duvalsaint

Third runner-up: Devon Caleyy

Fourth runner-up: Alexis Orozco

Sophia is dedicated, determined, and confident in herself and has assured me that she will prepare herself for the competition and make the United States of America proud. She expressed her immense gratitude to the Miss Supranational USA organization for giving her a platform to feel empowered and for encouraging others to do the same.



The diva, who is preparing for Miss Supranational 2022, believes in her vision because she believes that only those who have a strong belief in their vision can succeed in life and achieve their dreams. Sophia stated that beauty pageants have helped her to learn, love, embrace and explore herself. The beautiful queen encourages everyone to be disciplined in choosing between what one wants now and what one wants the most. She is beautiful, confident, intelligent, and has worked with famous designers and photographers who have helped her to gain experience and confidence in terms of beauty pageants.

Sophia describes herself as self-made, self-sustained, and self-driven, which is one of the reasons why she is one of the strongest contenders for Miss Supranational 2022. She has started to prepare for the competition and is focusing on achieving all the skills and abilities required to win the competition. The way the diva managed to impress everyone at the Miss Supranational 2021 finale, she aims to do the same and win the crown for the United States.