Philippines’s Justine Felizarta to wear ‘Sari’ national costume at Miss Tourism International 2022

21 Nov 2022 | Priya Bhardwaj

Justine Felizarta, representing Philippines, is currently in Malaysia competing in Miss Tourism International 2022. Recently, Justine wore her National Costume as she visited the Hung Temple which is dedicated to the Hung Kings and is celebrated through a festival yearly, every third month in the Lunar Calendar.



Designed by Neil Patrick Jimlani, Justine’s National Costume is called ‘Sari’. Sari is mainly inspired by the story of the legend of Mount Apo, the tallest volcano of the Philippines. Apong, which Mount Apo is derived, is a brave warrior and had a lovely daughter who is loved by many namely, Sari. Sari has a long dark tress and a soft sweet voice. The costume is enthused by the scenic landscape of the mountain and colorful culture of the moro and indigenous people of the Philippines.

The green symbolizes growth and renewal, which depicts the growth of the empowered women of today's generation. 'Bulawan' or the gold accents represents the women being the gem of the tribe. With that, 'Sari' is a lady who exemplifies strong and regal attributes of an Exceptionally Empowered Filipina.



The 25th anniversary edition of Miss Tourism International, i.e. Miss Tourism International 2022, is all set to be held on 25th November 2022 at Raia Hotel & Convention Centre Kuching, Convention Ballroom, Malaysia. Promoting tourism, culture and friendship, the pageant is celebrating its silver jubilee. Jessy Silana Wongsodiharjo of Indonesia Miss Tourism International 2021/22 will crown her successor at the end of the event finale