Trinidad and Tobago’s Jeanine Brandt issues statement on backlash over Miss World 2021 presentation

19 Jan 2022 | Camilla Suarez

Even though the Miss World 2021 pageant was postponed temporarily due to the covid outbreak in the camp, the pageant fans all over the world did get an insight into the competition and got to know the delegates through the head to head challenge round and the video presentations of the country representatives.

In recent light, the Miss World representative from Trinidad and Tobago, Jeanine Brandt faced public outcry surrounding her statement and at the global contest on poverty issues in the country.

Talking about her foundation, Brandt had declared, "In my country thousands of children live in poverty. Little girls sleep on the cold ground in makeshift homes. They have no access to running water, electricity. They cannot attend school. They have no access to healthcare, and they don't even know where their next meal is coming from. No child deserves to grow up living under these conditions... I formed the Brandt Beauty Foundation to break the cycle of poverty among these families and these little girls and to give them opportunities to rewrite their dreams.”



She also shared that she had distributed sanitary products, a hydroponics system and a solar energy panel to a family without electricity, and hosted empowerment sessions for girls. She also shared that she hopes to provide girls with opportunities to thrive and to give them a sense of security.

Her words at the platform, provoked a social media firestorm. While critics complained it was an inaccurate portrayal of life in the country, others are defending her stance, including the national organization of Miss Trinidad and Tobago, that shared, “It is disheartening to witness the mass of disparaging comments being spewed against one of our own nationals and her efforts to represent our country whilst giving back to our society through her humanitarian journey. It was not the intention of Miss Brandt to offend anyone with her statements and it is unfortunate that the nature of the video and its contents may have been misunderstood.”

The diva herself, finally issued a statement in response that read, “On Monday 17th January 2022, a video clip of my presentation for the Beauty with a Purpose Head-to-Head Challenge from the Miss World 2021 pageant was circulated on social media platforms. I was asked to present in under two minutes my beauty with a purpose project to a panel of judges.”

She further added, “As the Miss World Representative for Trinidad and Tobago, I appreciate the significance of my role. I can and have attested to all the beauty our nation has to offer; however, in this instant, I was asked to present on a societal issue I was passionate and purposed about. Over the past two years I have worked assiduously through my NGO The Brandt Beauty Foundation to aid and support underprivileged communities.  My intention was never to portray our twin island nation in a negative light or to bring ill repute to the Miss World Trinidad and Tobago Franchise."

Now, as the Miss World organization has decided to continue with the pageant and will host the delegates competing for the coveted crown on 16th March 2022, the Miss Trinidad and Tobago organization has urged people to support Brandt in the pageant.