Olivia Jordan preaches Self-Love through her social media!

16 Jan 2018 | Angelique Reyes

Miss USA 2015 Olivia Jordan has a lot to say about Self-Love to her devoted followers and we agree with her with all our hearts. Just a few hours ago, Olivia took to Instagram to talk about the importance of Self-love for any individual with her five hundred and seventy-seven thousand followers.

Olivia began by addressing that the simple definition of self-love is not just loving oneself when they are at their best but showing love at all times. She also spoke about how she likes to take care of her own mind, body and soul which involve working out, eating right and dressing up every day.



Self-love isn’t just about loving yourself at your best, it’s about loving yourself right now, wherever you are.???? I find it a lot easier to practice self-love and affirmations when I am on my A-game— working out 5 days a week, eating right, taking the time to dress-to-impress and doing my hair and makeup. But self-love has to extend far past those vanities.?? Self-love is about loving the person you see in the mirror every morning for who you really are, how you treat others, how you live your life. NO ONE IS PERFECT. So it’s fruitless to wait until you have x, y or z together before you start loving you. I am a work in progress. Sometimes I do better than I do other times, some days I feel better than other days, sometimes I’m stronger (physically and mentally), some weeks I book the dream roles, much more often- I don’t. But everyday, no matter where I am at that day, I have to PRACTICE SELF-LOVE. Because if I don’t love me, I can’t give love in the way that those around me deserve and I certainly can’t receive love in the way that I deserve. LIVE IN LOVE.???? Start today. Start with the person you see in the mirror.??

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Not just this, Olivia also pointed out that along with keeping care of one’s self physically, Self-love has to extend far past these vanities. She talked about how important it is to look at yourself in the mirror every morning and love the person you see in the reflection.

The better part of the post talked about how Olivia elaborated on the importance of promoting yourself before loving anyone else. She called herself ‘work in progress’ and said that she was proud of it.

Olivia finished her post by sharing what she has learned about self-love till now. She also asked her followers to start as soon as they can, to look in the mirror and start loving themselves before anything.

Well, we could not agree more with our dazzling diva!