Meet the contestants of Miss USA 2024

11 Jul 2024 | Aakanksha Chugh

The countdown is on for the 73rd Miss USA pageant, set to dazzle audiences at the stunning Peacock Theater in Los Angeles, California on August 4, 2024. This year’s highly anticipated event promises to be a spectacular showcase of beauty, talent, and grace as contestants from across the nation vie for the coveted title of Miss USA.

Here are the Stunning Delegates of Miss USA 2024 :

Diane Westhoven Miss Alabama USA 2024

Brianna Schaake Miss Alaska USA 2024

Kaitlin Johnson Miss Arizona USA 2024

Madeline Bohlman Miss Arkansas USA 2024

Samira Ramos Miss California USA 2024

Le Afrocan Miss Colorado USA 2024

Shavana Kearln Miss Connecticut USA 2024

Alysa Bainbridge Miss Delaware USA 2024



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Kleo Torres Miss District of Columbia USA 2024

Peyton Lewis Miss Florida USA 2024

Emmaline Farmer Miss Georgia USA 2024

Breea Rae Miss Hawaii USA 2024

Champagne Kitty Miss Idaho USA 2024

Graace Rodi Miss Illinois USA 2024

Stephanie Sullivan Miss Indiana USA 2024

Mckenzie Ariana Kerry Miss Iowa USA 2024

Bel Barclay Miss Kansas USA 2024

Connor Perry Miss Kentucky USA 2024

Sydney Taylor Miss Louisiana USA 2024

Anne Baldridge Miss Maine USA 2024

Bailey Anne Kennedy Miss Maryland USA 2024

Melissa Sapini Miss Massachusetts USA 2024

Alma Cooper Miss Michigan USA 2024

Mona Lisa Miss Minnesota USA 2024

Kaylee Brooke McCollum Miss Mississippi USA 2024

Ashleigh Lorene Miss Missouri USA 2024



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Shelby Dangerfield Miss Montana USA 2024

Kami Buchanan Miss Nebraska USA 2024

Najah Ali Miss Nevada USA 2024

Ari Michaela Miss New Hampshire USA 2024

Jabilika Ndula Miss New Jersey USA 2024

Kenzii Miss New Mexico USA 2024

Marizza Delgado Miss New York USA 2024

Kenziah Hansley Miss North Carolina USA 2024

Codiann Miller Miss North Dakota USA 2024

Macy Hudson Miss Ohio USA 2024

Danika Christopherson Miss Oklahoma USA 2024

Shayla Montgomery Miss Oregon USA 2024

Nonita Anna Miss Pennsylvania USA 2024

Kaitlynne Miss Rhode Island USA 2024

Ava Grace Miss South Carolina USA 2024

Ahmitara A Miss South Dakota USA 2024

Christell Miss Tennessee USA 2024

Aarie Anna Ware Miss Texas USA 2024

Alyssa Cita Miss Utah USA 2024

Samantha Vocatura Miss Vermont USA 2024

Himanvi P Miss Virginia USA 2024

Tiffany Ann Rea Miss Washington USA 2024

Caylie Raeanne Miss West Virginia USA 2024

Tori Trittin Miss Wisconsin USA 2024

Kenzi Rush Miss Wyoming USA 2024



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The reigning Miss USA 2023, Savannah Gankiewicz of Utah will crown her successor during this grand occasion. The winner will go on to represent the United States at the prestigious Miss Universe 2024 pageant, set to be held in Mexico later this year.

The pageant will feature a series of captivating segments, including evening gown presentations, swimsuit competitions, and thought-provoking interview rounds. Fans can look forward to an evening filled with elegance and excitement as the top contestants showcase their poise and ambition on the national stage.

Mark your calendars and tune in for a night of glamour and inspiration as we discover who will be crowned Miss USA 2024!