Meet Miss United Continents USA 2019 Maria Manzo, candidate of Miss United Continents 2019

17 Apr 2019 | Irina Silva

Miss United Continents will host its 14th edition in a few months where delegates from all over the globe will compete for the international title. For the same, Maria Manzo was appointed Miss United Continents USA 2019 weeks ago as she succeeded Miss United Continents USA 2018 Jessica Jewel VanGaalen. The diva not only secured the crown but also took over the responsibilities and advocacies associated with the title and the opportunity to represent the USA in Miss United Continents 2019.

This crowning was not just a perfect birthday gift but a deserving win for Maria. She proved her worth for the win as she used to practice or rehearse in full wardrobe until 3-4 am making sure if she was comfortable and confident in everything she was doing.

It took heaps of efforts and hard work from her end to get on that stage and get the super strong foothold and love from all to finally be crowned as a national titleholder. The young beauty belongs to Fresno, California. She seems to be a confident and lively girl, who loves to be free in life with immense happiness.


Meet Miss United Continents USA 2019 Maria Manzo, candidate of Miss United Continents 2019

(Photo Credits: Miss United Continents Facebook Official)

This young scintillating beauty is not like other ordinary beauties but is an ambitious soul whose aims are even taller than the skyscrapers. Maria along with being witty and ambitious is also bestowed with immense beauty with endearing facial features such as beautiful protruding eyes, perfectly peak arched eyebrows, Roman nose. With a perfect amalgamation of cupid bow and heart-shaped plumped lips, her overall beauty gets an add on to it.

With her enchanting beauty, she will be able to win the hearts of many and have a firm foothold in the finale which can lead her to leave a notable mark at the conclusion.

Angelopedia wishes this beauty a very all the best for her journey ahead and may she fulfil her dreams!