Miss Universe 2014, Paulina Vega, invited by Colombia's FARC rebels for Peace Talk

11 Feb 2015 | Angelopedia

Paulina Vega DieppaMiss Universe 2014, has been occupied with her media touring and travelling. The newly crowned Miss Universe, now, has the opportunity to assist the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia in peace talks with the government.

Most beauty pageant contestants say that they want to see world peace. Colombia's FARC rebels have invited Paulina Vega to attend their peace negotiations. The FARC organization invited the beauty queen and wrote on its website saying, “We read with interest about your desire to contribute with your good offices to peace and reconciliation of the Colombian people. 

We welcome your willingness to travel to Havana and we invite you to materialize your visit to update you about the development of the peace talks, the progress and the enormous contribution that you and the majorities who desire peace can make.

Be assured that we are willing to address your concerns and consider your views a valuable contribution to peace; we are waiting for your confirmation and your contribution.” In a statement posted on their website, the FARC confirmed, they had asked the newly crowned Miss Universe to attend their peace negotiations, after reading about her desire to promote peace.



Miss Universe 2014 Paulina Vega Dieppa


Paulina, who had previously said in interviews she would be willing to travel to the talks, agreed by responding to the invite. She said in a statement to the Colombian media, “I remain ready and willing to assist in any and all areas that will help promote further peace, stability and progress. The security of my country and peace within our borders remains a very big concern for me, my family, and all Colombians.” She further adds, “That said, the main representative of Colombia is President Santos. If he and the Colombian Government think I can be of any help, I remain.

Now this is what we call Beauty with a Purpose. What are your thoughts on the matter? Will Paulina Vega's presence at the peace negotiation make a difference?