Unveiling more National Costumes of Miss Universe 2016

10 Jan 2017 | Angelopedia

It’s the Miss Universe season, and the 65th edition of the pageant is on its road to the finale. With just three weeks left for the coronation night, the excitement is at its peak and the contestants are also prepared to give their best shot. While we have already given you an insight to the various national costumes, it’s now time to check out some more from the batch. So without any further ado, let’s sneak a peek at some more national costumes of Miss Universe 2016.


Unveiling more National Costumes of Miss Universe 2016


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Miss Universe Guyana 2016 Soyini Fraser’s national costume comes with a unique concept and is titled 'The Coconut Queen', inspired by a painting at the Guyana Coconut festival 2016 done by Courtney Douglas. Soyni is a multi talented personality; she is a media personality and an executive producer of her own television series, and is a professionally trained dancer and actress. As an aspiring Christian Child Psychologist she has been closely working with elderly and children, who are less fortunate.

Moving on to the next costume, we have Miss Universe Paraguay Andrea Melgarejo’s national costume inspired by the national flower of Paraguay, Mburucuyá. The best part about Andrea’s costume is that it’s hand painted and has details in Nandutí laces. The costume is complimented with a beautiful garland made headgear that is styled as a tiara. 22year old Andrea is a medical student, a haute couture professional model, a car racing co driver, and a chemistry, math and physics teacher. Wow, an extremely talented beauty queen.

Next in the line is Miss Universe Indonesia Kezia Warouw’s costume. Kezia’s costume signifies “Unity Nation”. It is in the form of an Eagle, and reflects the majesty and glory with the golden colour. The 25 year old beauty hails from Jakarta. The beauty is described as humble by nature. She is an intelligent young woman who is ready to demonstrate her talents at the stage of the Miss Universe 2016 beauty pageant finale. The stunner has a degree in Informatics Engineering and has also worked as the Head of Accounting and Finance.

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So, which one is your favourite out of these national costumes?