Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters shares her experience as Miss Universe 2017

02 Jan 2019 | Camilla Suarez

Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters from South Africa has been a driving force since before she was crowned Miss Universe 2017.  Ever since her childhood, Demi has made sure to showcase her talents and abilities, not just to emerge as a leader, but also to help her community and her nation as a whole. She looks up to personalities like Cindy Nell, who was Miss South Africa 2003 and the second runner-up in Miss Universe 2003. Demi also admires Marissa Mayer who was the first female engineer and the CEO of Yahoo.


Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters shares her experience as Miss Universe 2017


The 23-year-old Miss Universe has always looked up to women who strive not only to emerge as equal to men but also who strive to attain their full potential. She said that she was the first girl in her high school to be chosen as the head girl of her school as well as her hostel. Demi was also elected  Deputy Junior Mayor of George City Council when she was in 11th grade. This personality of hers helped her first in the process of winning the national title of Miss South Africa 2017 and then ultimately, the most prestigious crown in the pageant world, which is the Miss Universe crown in the year 2017.

The South African dive’s favourite quote is by Albert Einstein which says, “The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no-one else has ever been before.” Demi’s belief in this quote reinstates why she became the winner of Miss Universe and why she was so successful.


Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters shares her experience as Miss Universe 2017


Recently, Demi took to her official social media account to talk about her journey as Miss Universe 2017, as she recently crowned her successor Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray. She started by thanking God and wrote, “First and foremost all the glory goes to my Heavenly Father and saviour, Jesus Christ. I had a dream of becoming an influential young woman in my country, but His dream for me was so much bigger. I am forever grateful for al the experiences He has blessed me with in my life.”

Talking about her year as Miss Universe 2017, she said, “Being Miss Universe wasn't what I expected it to be at all. The role exceeded all my expectations and surprised me with the most everlasting experiences and memories. I got to explore countries in every corner of the world, meet thousands of people, learn new languages and experience new cultures and perspectives.”


Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters shares her experience as Miss Universe 2017


The former queen also talked about her Together Unbreakable campaign and said, “In 2017 as Miss South Africa I started the campaign which aimed at empowering women with skills and knowledge on how to prevent or handle abusive and violent situations. As Miss Universe, my new platform gave me a voice that could travel further than ever and I wanted to use it to create awareness around this cause that I’m extremely passionate about. I will endeavour to share these skills with as many women as possible and I hope to leave a legacy that creates a difference in society.”

The inspirational woman talked about her big move to New York City and wrote, “When I left to compete at Miss Universe in Las Vegas last year, it was my first time in the USA. I remember waking up super early the following morning to make my big move to New York City! A city I’d never been to before, at the beginning of a winter I’d never experienced before. When I arrived in New York it felt like the city had been waiting for me. I fell in love with the city so much this year that I’m planning on staying.”

Demi ended her post by writing, “This year I discovered the meaning of true compassion and understanding. I also learned how to sleep anywhere and at anytime and how to live out of a suitcase. Cheerio to this once in a lifetime year! 2019... I welcome you with open arms. I can’t wait to see what you hold!”

Angelopedia wishes Demi all the very best for the year ahead and her future ventures.