Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray and actress Liza Soberano get support online after the Gabriela Women’s Party debacle

23 Oct 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray has been vocal about her stance on national issues such as the controversial anti-terror law and the shutdown of media giant ABS-CBN in local airwaves along with supporting women’s rights whereas the actress Liza Soberano has been a keen supporter of the for women’s group Gabriela.

‘Gabriela Women’s Party’ is a progressive women’s party working towards the advancement of women and children’s right in the country but have been subjected to red-tagging accusation of the government.



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Liza Soberano was previously suspected of being an alleged NPA member by a Duterte supporter on YouTube after she appeared on a webinar by Gabriela Youth last week to discuss girls and young women’s issues amid the coronavirus pandemic. The actress spoke about the “young woman’s contribution to raising awareness and creating a safe environment for young women amid the pandemic.”

Lieutenant General Antonio Parlade Jr. warned the two powerful women Liza Soberano and Catriona concerning their support towards Gabriela Women’s Party, allegedly connected to communists’ rebels. “There’ s still a chance to abdicate that group. If you don’t, you will suffer the same fate as Josephine Anne Lapira. The choice is yours, Liza, and so with you, Catriona…” he added. Josephine Anne Lapira a 22-year-old UP Manila student was kidded in a clash between members of the New People’s Army and government troops in Batangas back in 2017.

Commissioner Gwendolyn Pimentel-Gana said that Lieutenant’s remarks are “tantamount to harassment and red-tagging.” “Coming from a high-ranking military official, such a statement is a form of suppression and restriction that serves to dissuade those who speak up for their beliefs and advocacies,” she said. The commissioner added that the women just want to advocate for the rights of women and especially the ones who have been a victim of abuse and instead of attacking them for being vocal, the government authorities should focus on serving and protecting them.

Lieutenant has denied all the red-tagging accusations stating that he is not against people being vocal about women’s right but all he is against is the women’s group, ‘Gabriela’. He insisted that his statement was taken “out of context.” He also called out Rep. Arlene Brosas (Gabriela Party-list) and accused her of having “hidden violent agenda” in terms of supposedly recruiting people.



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Arlene Brosas criticized the Lieutenant for his remarks and mentioned, “How come these macho-fascists have the audacity to mansplain strong women and lecture them on what to do? And why do they seem so afraid of women using their platform to defend other women? These rabid NTF-ELCAC executives are using their rehashed script to discredit Gabriela Women’s Party despite our long track record of advocating women’s rights.”

The secretary-general of Gabreila Youth, Clarice Palce has cleared out that Liza only attented the webinar about women and children’s rights and the Lieutenant’s remarks are not very empowering. The Filipinos across the country have extended their support and love towards the beauty queen and the actress by calling out the Lieutenant on social media by using #ProtectLizaSoberano #ProtectCatrionaGray.

A Filipino reminded Parlade that Filipinos have the right to freedom of speech, as enshrined in the 1987 Philippine Constitution, the highest law of the land. The beauty queen is yet to comment on the warning by the Lieutenant.