Miss Universe 2018 and Philippine Red Cross Ambassador Catriona Gray fulfils duty as she donates blood

18 Sep 2020 | Ana Walia

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray was announced as the Red Cross Ambassador a few weeks ago where she advised the people to take acre of their health by wearing face masks and arm themselves with information on the coronavirus. She urged them to immediately inform the local health department, their workplace, and their family should they feel any symptoms.

The diva later mentioned that she herself visited the Philippine Red Cross headquarters in Mandaluyong and underwent a swab test for the virus. She added, "It’s nothing to be feared, it’s just slightly uncomfortable, but having that sureness, knowing your result allows you to take proper actions to protect yourself and to protect the people around you."

Now, she has shared a series of pictures on her social media where she mentioned that during her visit to the Philippines Red Cross headquarters, she donated blood as an act of saving lives and has urged everyone to do the same. She mentioned, “Donating your blood to someone in need may just be one of the easiest ways to save a life. Because of people's hesitancy to visit blood banks during the pandemic, our supplies are worryingly low.”



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Catriona had explained that she hopes that she can utilize her platform and as an ambassador for Philippine Red Cross she would urge and call everyone for blood donations along with advising them to get tested for the virus. She added that she would also ask people who can donate for the testing so that the services of the Philippine Red Cross, to be accessible to every single Filipino.

The diva is an optimistic human who is not only one of the famous Miss Universe across the globe but also an inspiration to many young women who aspire to be able to represent their country at Miss universe stage. She had explained in her post that even though “the global pandemic has restricted us from doing our normal routine but it should never hinder our passion to help and be compassionate towards our most vulnerable.”

Catriona has received a lot of support and motivation from her fellow pageant sisters and fans across the globe for such a kind deed. She is one unstoppable force who wishes to see everyone smiling and help the one’s in need especially during the times when the entire world is dealing with a pandemic.