Miss Universe Colombia 2020 Wishlist: Luisa Fernanda Urango

18 Sep 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Miss Universe Colombia 2020 is now under the guidance of national director Natalie Ackermann, and the new requirements for a potential candidate was announced few months ago. The organization and the pageant fanatics have been trying to look for a potential candidate for representing Colombia at Miss Universe 2020 stage. Miss Universe Colombia decided to branch out from Senorita Colombia Organization very recently.

With a list of delegates being prepared for the competition, Luisa Fernanda Urango has caught our attention for the title. She is one of the candidates who have confirmed their registration for the competition and has started to prepare themselves to represent Córdoba at the competition. She is 26-years-old and stands 177 cm tall with a degree in business administration and works as a professional model.



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Luisa has worked with a few of the renowned designers, brands, makeup artists in Colombia which has helped her to shape up as an amazing model and a human. She has received such a positive feedback and support from the people who know her, “You know that you have my full support, we send you all the best positive energies so that your dream of carrying the name of our department up high comes true”, said one of the people she had worked with. She feels proud that she can carry the flag of her department to the national stage and is very excited to meet the delegates from all other departments as well.

The diva is beautiful, strong and her demeanor highlights her personality on-stage which can be helpful at the competition too. She is warm, humble and a positive human who believes in the fact that god has something set for everyone and you just must keep walking on the path that he shows. She strongly believes, “Life gives you the opportunity to write, correct and improve your story every day.”



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Luisa is a firm believer of giving away the positivity and happiness and that is whey she spends her time at an NGO with kids and making them smile and laugh. She states, “God gives us so much and we give so little, our contribution to the earth is so ephemeral, that even breathing is more than we deserve.”

Luisa stated that she is dedicated, committed, disciplined, and completely focused on winning the title for her country.  She describes that she is a woman full of dreams and with clear objectives to fulfil. She likes to travel and spend her time at the beach with her close friends and family. The diva could be a strong contender for the title of Miss Universe Colombia 2020.