Miss Universe 2018 Top 10 Hot Picks Social Media

15 Dec 2018 | Camilla Suarez

Miss Universe 2018 will be hosting its grand finale in just a few days, that is, 17th December 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand. more than 94 delegates from all over the world will be competing for the crown and the conclusion of the event will see reigning Miss Universe 2017 Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters of South Africa crown her successor.

But before the finale, Angelopedia present to you the delegates f Miss Universe 2018 who have the most amount of followers this year, which can in a way suggest who is the most favourite and has the most chances of winning the finale. Then again, followers are one part of the competition, and a lot of it depends on the performance and the decision of judges.

So here are the divas of Miss Universe 2018 with the most number of fan following -


Miss Universe 2018 Top 10 Hot Picks Social Media


Miss Universe Philippines 2018 Catriona Elisa Gray

Catriona is one of the most popular contestants this year and has the most amount of followers on her social media. She is representing the Philippines in Miss Universe 2018. Many people are rooting for her to win this year’s coveted title. Catriona also has the most amount of followers on Instagram as opposed to her other pageant sisters, which is a whopping 874,000 followers. She is beautiful, intelligent and a warmhearted people, so it is obvious people would be gaga over her.

Miss Universe Venezuela 2018 Sthefany Gutierrez

Sthefany is the official representative of Venezuela in Miss Universe 2018 and she has been a very strong and popular contestant in the competition so far. Be it her beauty, her health or her advocacy, everything has been perfect so far, which is why she is one of the audience’s favourite this year. She has a total of 519,000 followers on Instagram and gaining more and more every day.

Miss Universe Spain 2018 Angela Ponce Camacho

Angela is one of the most controversial contestants this year in Miss Universe 2018 since news of her being a transgender woman have come out. But she is still the proud representative of Spain in the pageant who wants to spread the message of acceptance and love in the world. Angela has a whopping 473,000 followers on her Instagram. She is beautiful, graceful and a very warm-hearted person which has helped her win many hearts.

Miss Universe Mexico 2018 Andrea Toscano Ramirez

Andrea is considered one of the most beautiful contestants competing for the crown of Miss Universe this year. She looks mesmerising in every picture and her 374,000 followers can’t seem to get enough of her. Andrea is also very active on her social media posting pictures and updates every other day to keep her followers updated.

Miss Universe El Salvador 2018 Marisela De Montecristo

Marisela is the beautiful representative of El Salvador in Miss Universe 2018. She is a very strong candidate this year and has over 331,000 followers on her Instagram. Her pictures and videos are truly glamorous and they keep her audience engaged. Marisela is fit and healthy and there is no doubt she will represent her nation with all her might during the finale.


Miss Universe 2018 Top 10 Hot Picks Social Media


Miss Universe Ecuador 2018 Virginia Limongi Silva

Crowned Miss Universe Ecuador 2018 on 5th May 2018, Virginia is the proud representative of Ecuador in Miss Universe 2018. She has a very beautiful and spotless face, along with which she also has a very strong and increasing fan following, with 317,000 followers on Instagram already. She has been very consistent with her performance in Miss Universe and there is a very strong chance of bringing the crown home.

Miss Universe Colombia 2018 Valeria Morales Delgado

Valeria is the official representative of Colombia in Miss Universe 2018. The 22-year-old has over 306,000 followers on Instagram as off now and she has been giving out regular updates to her followers about what has been happening during her journey in Miss Universe so far. Valeria has a very fierce yet graceful look about her, which makes onlookers feel like she is a strong competition but also a person one can talk to very easily.

Miss Universe Costa Rica 2018 Natalia Carvajal

Natalia is the proud and very sexy representative of Costa Rica in Miss Universe 2018. Her fan base goes on increasing with up to 293,000 followers on her Instagram right now. She has been very active on her social media, posting the picture of her shoots and tidbits from her performance in Miss Universe. Natalia will surely make her nation proud during the finale as she has been a very consistent and strong performer so far.

Miss Universe Brazil 2018 Myra Dias

Myra Dias is the official representative of Brazil in Miss Universe 2018. The crowned queen of Miss Brasil Be Emotion 2018 has a total of 297,000 followers on her Instagram. Myra has a very sophisticated and graceful look about her which attracts followers towards her. Added to that, her smile is truly mesmerising and she has a very fit and healthy body which makes her a Miss Universe material.

Miss Universe Indonesia 2018 Sonia Fergina Citra

Sonia is truly a very mesmerising delegate with a flawless face and a fit body. Recently, during the preliminary swimsuit competition, she was looking like a true queen. Sonia has 255,000 followers on Instagram as of now and they are increasing manifolds each day. She is a very strong competitor and it will be no surprise if she takes the crown home this year.