Our Favourites from the Evening Gown Competition of Miss Universe 2019

07 Dec 2019 | Avneet Ahluwalia

Miss Universe 2019 hosted its Preliminary Competition on 6th December 2019 in Atlanta Marriott Marquis, 265 Peachtree Center Avenue, Northeast, Atlanta. A portion of the proceeding will be donated to MUO partner charity.  The stunning delegates of various countries walked the ramp for the last time before the finale in their evening gowns and swim suits. The competition was hosted by the reigning Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray along with comedian Nick Teplitz kept the audience entertained throughout the show.

The annual competition is one of the most popular, fun-filled opportunities for the delegates to share costumes that range from traditional to humorous, inspiring each of it making its own unique statement.

The competition began as the contestants walked on the stage in their beautiful stunning looking long gowns. The ladies who represent their countries looked absolutely mesmerizing in their beautiful evening gowns which reflected their personality and confidence very clearly. While all the delegates walked the ramp with utmost confidence and dedication in their striking evening gowns, there are few delegates who stood out in the competition with their impressive evening gowns as well as their confident walk.


Our Favourites from the Evening Gown Competition of Miss Universe 2019


Let’s look at some of them

Vartika Singh Miss Universe India 2019

Proud representative of India, Vartika Singh looked gorgeous in her red evening gown. Vartika had a smile all throughout her walk which radiated how confident and positive she is as a person. The evening gown hugged her body well that it showed her curves perfectly and helped her to walk gracefully and with conviction. She is an ardent advocate of accessible healthcare and has her Master’s degree in Public Health.

Somnang Alyna Miss Universe Cambodia 2019

Alyna Somnang is a proud representative of Cambodia for the title of Miss Universe 2019. The beauty queen really looked stunning and stood out in her green colored evening gown which flowed on the floor. She walked very confidently and radiated how much confident she is onto wining the title. She is passionate about helping children in her country and is constantly working on ways to support them.

Rosie Zhu Xin Miss Universe China 2019

Xin Zhu is representing the country of China for the title of Miss Universe 2019. Xin wore a super elegant white collared evening gown for the competition. The evening gown had a side slit and looked really stunning with the beauty queen’s confident walk. She looked elegant while walking with a smile on her face. She helps people with their confidence to show them how beautiful they truly are.

Maëva Coucke Miss Universe France 2019

Ma’va Coucke proudly representing France for the title of Miss Universe 2019 showed her elegance and confidence while walking the ramp in her lovely looking evening gown. The silver sparkly gown with few feathers in the end of her sleeves and at the bottom of the gown, Ma’va looked remarkable. She walked with utmost elegance and conviction with a subtle smile on her beautiful looking face.

Lora Asenova Miss Universe Bulgaria 2019

Lora Asenova is representing Bulgaria for the title of Miss Universe 2019. Lora looked ravishing in her silver sparkly evening gown hugging her curves perfectly. She had a smile on her face which radiated the confidence and conviction she has for winning the title. She loves to travel and believes that every new place she visits enriches her.


Our Favourites from the Evening Gown Competition of Miss Universe 2019


Kelin Rivera Kroll Miss Universe Peru 2019

Kelin Rivera proudly representing Peru for the title of Miss Universe 2019. The beauty queen looked absolutely mesmerizing in her silver body hugging evening gown. She looked simple yet very elegant on stage as she walked the ramp. She is a spokeswoman for Miss Peru Organization and hopes to use her platform to motivate women that have been victims of abuse and help them develop courage.

Pradeepta Adhikari Miss Universe Nepal 2019

Proud representative of Nepal, Pradeepta Adhikari stood out in her silver stunning gown. She had a high ponytail hairdo which gave a full view to her impressive looking gown. Pradeepta had a sweet smile on her face throughout her confident walk and looked convincing. She is a former national debater, a science enthusiast, dancer, yogi and an athlete. Paradeepta is making her country Nepal proud.

Diamond Langi Miss Universe New Zealand 2019

Diamond Langi is proudly representing New Zealand for the title of Miss Universe 2019. She uses her talent as a stylist to help young girls around her country find their own personal style and flair. The diva wore a white silver gown for her last walk on the ramp before the final event and looked absolutely ravishing on stage. She looked just like as her name suggest a diamond when she walked on the stage.

Gazini Christiana Ganados Miss Universe Philippines 2019

Gazini Ganados representing Philippines was one of the delegates that chose a golden colored evening gown to walk on the ramp. Her choice was bold and very admirable. The golden evening gown Gazini wore looked like it was just made for her and she walked very confidently in that. She had a subtle smile on her face throughout the walk. She is a graduate of health care services NCII and Tourism Management. She is considered as one of the tough contenders for the title of Miss Universe 2019. 

Cheslie Kryst Miss Universe USA 2019

Cheslie Kryst is one of the most talked about contestants of Miss Universe 2019. Before becoming Miss USA 2019, the beauty queen was a full-time attorney licensed to practice law in two states. The diva walked the ramp in stunning sparkly white gold gown. She let her natural curls flow along with the gown which absolutely went along. She had a smile all throughout her walk which was very elegant and confident.