Miss Universe 2019 Top 5 Question and Answer Round

09 Dec 2019 | Camilla Suarez

The grand finale of Miss Universe 2019 was an event that had everyone’s eyes glued to their tv screens. The coronation night of 68th edition of Miss Universe was held today i.e 8th December 2019 at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia in United States. At the end of the event finale, Zozibini Tunzi of South Africa took home the third Miss Universe crown for her country.


Miss Universe 2019 Top 5 Question and Answer Round


The pageant was hosted by Steve Harvey in his fifth consecutive year as host. Miss Universe 2012 Oliva Culpo and Miss Teen USA 1998 Vanessa Lachey served as backstage correspondents. Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray crowned her successor in the end of the event.

The Miss Universe question and answer round is one of the most highly anticipated segments of the pageant. The delegates from the top 5 countries are given a question and are expected to come up with an impressive answer in just mere seconds. This is the part where the delegates try to impress the jury with their answers before the judges make their final call on who makes it to the final Top 3.

Let’s look at the questions asked by the hosts and the exceptionally well-defined answers by the Top 5 contestants of Miss Universe 2019 –

Sofia Aragon Miss Universe Mexico 2019

Steve Harvey asked Sofia question “Is protest a positive way to create change?”. The delegate of Mexico answered the question very confidently by stating that she believes in causes, she believes in change and she believes in raising voices. She mentions that some of these protests are powerful and can make a change but not with violence. She urges people to come together, raise voice and make an impact on the world by using platform like Miss Universe and TED TALKS.

Paweensuda Drouin Miss Universe Thailand 2019

Paweensuda representing Thailand for the title of Miss Universe 2019 was asked “What is more important to you: Privacy or Security?”. The Thailand delegate answered the question very gracefully by stating that every country has their own government policy to keep the people safe but it should not cross the line of people’s privacy. Paweensuda smartly answered the question by stating that security is equally important so, government should find a middle ground where they can align security of the country and the people’s privacy at the same level.


Miss Universe 2019 Top 5 Question and Answer Round


Gabriela Tafur Náder Miss Universe Colombia 2019

Gabriela Tafur Náder representing Colombia was asked “What do you believe is the most important issue in women’s health?” by Steve Harvey. Miss Universe Colombia answered the question very confidently by stating that she feels very important thing is the fact that women can choose about their own body. We have the options to choose the quality care for our body. This is important because after choosing the quality care any decision take about body, health care, reproduction will ever put us in risk.

Madison Anderson Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2019

Steve Harvey asked Madison Anderson representing Puerto Rico “Should Social Media platforms respect free speech, or regulate what people post?”. The delegate of Puerto Rico answered that she believes that social media can be a positive impact on the people. We can use social media to share knowledge, information however she also believes that sometimes social media can be used to spread negativity to hurt people. So they should identify people who are spreading negativity and make sure that they are not abusing the platform as well as the people on social media.

Zozibini Tunzi Miss Universe South Africa 2019

Steve Harvey asked “Are leaders of today doing enough to protect against climate change?” to the South African representative, Zozibini Tunzi. The delegate answered the question very confidently by stating that the leaders should do a little bit more but however we as individuals can play a little more part in protecting our climate. We have children protesting against the climate change and as an adult we should join and encourage them and Government should take it seriously that it’s up to us to keep the climate safe and sound for our future generation.