Former Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi educates women and children about mental health through ‘Zozibini Tunzi Foundation’

19 Aug 2022 | Priya Bhardwaj

Former Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi, in celebration of Women’s month, has decided to lend a hand to women and children suffering from mental health following the unfortunate demise of her pageant sister Cheslie Kyrst.

In an interview during the week, Tunzi said that the demise of her friend Kryst is actually one of the reasons she wants her foundation, Zozibini Tunzi Foundation, to focus on educating women and children about mental health.



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Kryst passed away by suicide in January after she threw herself off a 60-storey building in New York in the US. “Even though my foundation is still at its base level, I want to address issues that are facing women, children and education, but incorporate it with educating people about mental health issues through workshops,” said Zozibini.

“It is important that people speak about mental health struggles and making sure that everyone is strengthened as they go through life. Having been on the Miss Universe platform opened many opportunities and has given me the resources. I know many incredible people who are more knowledgeable on mental health matters to help me bring this initiative to life”, she added.



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Despite her busy schedule, Zozibini said she still finds a way to spend time with her family and is thankful to be in the same country as them. “Everyone knows that I am my father’s daughter, my mother is my friend, and my siblings are my best friends.” It is indeed a beautiful initiative started by Zozibini Tunzi.