Miss Universe calling for Anastasia Praditha?

08 May 2020 | Ana Walia

Anastasia Praditha Adelina rose to fame when she represented Banten in Puteri Indonesia 2019 and was highly appreciated for her performance on-stage. She was one of the women who was chosen for the category of Intelligence. She is 26-years-old and stands 172 cm tall. Her confidence and delegation seem the one Miss Universe’s stage requires. She can be a strong contender for the title of Miss Universe in future.

Anastasia is beautiful and has a charming personality which can light up the room as soon as she enters. She is a true epitome of beauty with brains as she has received her bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies at the University of Indonesia and a Masters in International Communication for Business Development at the London School of Public Relations. Since 2012, she has worked at TVRI delivering Indonesian Pagi, Indonesia Siang and Indonesia Malam news. The beauty is no stranger to the pageant world as she has already participated as one of the candidates for the Miss Indonesia 2012 event.



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As a journalist who has been working for the past six years with her life motto 'Seeking and delivering the truth' is the strength in carrying out his profession. Anastasia believes as a journalist can be a blessing to many others by providing accurate and reliable information. She likes to write and read; shared her motivation to join the prestigious beauty pageants in Indonesia, which is to inspire Indonesian women by telling them about her life's journey. How to start a career from a dream of a child who grew up in a remote place, how Anastasia pursued the hobby of writing, to bring her to become a journalist.

By becoming an Indonesian princess, she believes that she will be able to inspire other women about their qualities. She believes that Indonesian and every woman in the world is certainly capable, strong, and able to work for her dreams and goals. The diva who strongly believes that if one works hard and is determined then they can achieve whatever they wish for is a true Miss Universe delegate quality. She has gained experience by collaborating with various designers and brands in Indonesia who have finesse her performance on-stage as well as off-stage.

Anastasia advises the younger generation to not loose hope or feel that they are less than anyone. “Hope is something that is free, yet keeps you alive”. At the age of 25, the gorgeous diva has undergone various phases of life and these struggles and experiences has shaped up her in a best way possible.  She explained, "I know what it feels like to be in the most beautiful position in life, and how to crawl and reach uncertain hopes. To know me, means to know the meaning of never giving up. I never stop learning, from anywhere, to anyone, and at any time, with dreams can bring change."



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The diva loves to travel and feels that traveling and meeting new people is the best way to understand the culture and traditions of a specific country or a place. She is proud of her country and the values and traditions with which she is brought up and feels if she gets an opportunity, she’d like to showcase her version of her country to everyone else. She tries to empower and encourage women with her words and through her life story, she once stated, “I believe there will always be something unique in every Indonesian woman because we just need to get to know them personally, with no judgement, but respect. So, never compare one to another because we’re all unique with diverse characters.”

With her experience, strong opinions, and clear and focused mind to make the people of her country proud, clearly states that she is ready to represent Indonesia at Miss Universe stage in future. She is extremely thankful for the opportunities she has received and will continue to work hard to be on the top.