‘Future of Miss Universe’ with Anne Jakrajutatip

01 Feb 2023 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Universe organization owner Anne Jakrajutatip held a small conference with Fastcompany where she discussed about the 71st edition of Miss Universe, her vision and also the future plans for the Miss Universe organization under her leadership.

When asked about the changes she has implemented at Miss Universe, Anne talked about how everyone she put on stage was a woman at the 71st Miss Universe; from the owner, to the hosts, commentators, president as well as the CEO of the company. She really believes and talks about women empowerment.


‘Future of Miss Universe’ with Anne Jakrajutatip


Anne really believes in transformation and leadership which is showing in the surroundings, the atmosphere, the ambience and the questions that are asked to the delegates. “As a trans woman, I learn how to transform myself a lot. That’s why I say, transformational leadership is my motto this year. The crown is ‘Force for Good’ and you have to turn pain into power and you have to force yourself to be better. When you become Miss Universe, what would you do as a transformational leader? Its not about just owning the crown but being the crown”, Anne quoted.

On being asked about what she hopes for the future of the organization moving forward, Anne said that she does not see it as a beauty competition alone and sees it as a brand. She also talked about releasing a Miss Universe drinking water called mineral water by next month in February, and it's going to be distributed all over Thailand as a first pass market.


Anne Jakrajutatip


She has been approached by so many other markets in the world and has her own factory in Thailand. “Having the brand means that I empower the JKN Global Group ecosystem that we have, and we have everything from the beverage factory, the consumer products, and nutrition to cosmetic skincare, lingerie, fashion apparel, and also of course, we have the channels. So this is the new paradigm in terms of having a women's empowerment platform”, she quoted.

Anne also talked about how she can center women and LGBTQ on the stage as well explore the other side of business, which is a sexy business to her. The team is also going to move the new office to Downtown New York, and for the first time, there will be a Miss Universe spa. There is also the Miss Universe penthouse in Thailand, which will be Miss Universe's second home, because the first home is always in New York. There will also be a yacht and a private jet. Anne is definitely taking everything to the next level.