Aruba’s Helen Hernandez to don ‘The Goddess of the Sea’ national costume at Miss Universe 2020

03 May 2021 | Angelique Reyes

Miss Universe Aruba 2020 Helen Hernandez revelaed her national costume for Miss Universe 2020 a few hours ago on her social media as she wrote, “Yes!!!! Here it is, National Costume Miss Aruba 2020. The Goddess of the Sea.”

Aruba is best known for its scenic beauty. The crashing of the waves was the main inspiration for Helen’s national costume. On one side of the island, the waves are calm and collective, while the other side of the island is more wild and the waves crashes on the rocks which form the island in a unique and sublime way.



The costume symbolizes the strong and powerful women of Aruba. Helen represents the product of the Sea, which is the power and energy of the crashing of the waves. Hence the crown, as she is the Goddess of the Sea. The back piece of the costume beautifully and very realistically represents the crashing of the waves.

The costume designed by Albertico Tico Sambo is adorned with various stones to represent the gleaming sea and the beauty of the beaches; the seashells, the sand, the droplets and bubbles and white crest that the waves create on the beaches as it crashes.

Helen believes in taking responsibility which is about seeing oneself not as right or wrong but as an agent, chooser, problem solver, and learner in the complex interrelationships of one’s lives. The stunning beauty, through her social media, also takes up issues and advocates about them for better learning of people.



Helena also leads a project called ‘Canto di Alegria Den Bario’ which aims to bring peace, love and joy to our minds through music. She wants to empower women to never give up on their dreams and equip them with leadership and entrepreneurial skills, for women to become independent.

‘The Goddess of the Sea’ national costume is indeed a statement attire to don at the international pageant. With Aruba’s  serene beautify coming to life in this outfit, Helen’s performance at the big stage is surely the one to look out for.

Miss Universe 2020 will host the National Costume competition on 13th May 2021 with a live broadcast. Miss Universe Aruba 2020 Helen Hernandesz will represent Aruba at the 69th edition of Miss Universe on 16th May 2021 in the United States. The winner will succeed Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi from South Africa for the title.