Former Miss Universe Australia Maria Thattil comes out as bisexual

13 Jan 2022 | Priya Bhardwaj

Former Miss Universe Australia Maria Thattil, who is currently on the show I’m a Celebrity, has come out as bisexual. A proud member of the LGBTQ community, the 28-year-old stunning beauty always kept her sexuality hidden as there were ‘homophobic sentiments in her school around being a lesbian’.

She took to her official social media as she made the announcement in a post captioned, “Before the show, I had only come out to a handful of people. My brother took my call at midnight last night and talked it over with me - and I realised the reason I’ve been so fking scared to do this is exactly why I need to.”



“A lack of bisexual visibility for most of my life has meant that the experience was confusing and there were parallels to other experiences I had with social identity. Fear of falling in between the cracks, never fully finding a place in myself. But when I spoke to @domthattil, he reminded me about why we call it #PRIDE. No longer a secret to protect but a part of me to celebrate”, she added.

During Sunday night's episode, Maria and British reality star Joey’s bond continued to grow after they exchanged a flirty conversation in the jungle. Both of them were relaxing at camp when Maria revealed the qualities she looks for in a partner and it wasn't long before they were connecting on a deeper level.

The pair's bond has gone from strength to strength since Joey entered the series as an intruder. We wish Maria our heartiest congratulations on her coming out.